The Same Guy Heard Our Cries And Made Another Chrome Extension That Blocks 'GoT' Spoilers

This will help you cope with the final season.

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The Same Guy Heard Our Cries And Made Another Chrome Extension That Blocks 'GoT' Spoilers
So, last week, we told you about this guy who built a Google Chrome Extension that would automatically filter out anything related to 'Avengers: Endgame'.

This was the brainchild of one Malaysian named Ng Khai Yong, who wanted to give everyone a safe experience watching the end of a decade-long storyline, especially those who sadly will not be the first among their Facebook friends to watch it.

Many people commended him for his noble move because only a true fan would pull off something of this magnitude.

So much so that fans of another pop culture phenomenon that just kicked off its final season last week asked for the same favour.

You know what we're talking about -- 'Game of Thrones'.

Whether you're on the 'GoT' bandwagon or not, people have invested a lot of blood, sweat and tears into this series.

If you haven't caught up, this Chrome extension may just be what you need.
After a dreadful two-year wait, fans strictly don't want to be spoiled by those who are able to catch the live stream in the morning because they don't have school or work for some reason.

Following all the requests, Khai Yong delivered!

With the 'No GoT Spoilers' extension, any post related to the series will be blocked out, just like the one for Avengers: Endgame.

So, you can now enjoy the episodes in peace without blocking or unfriending anyone on social media.

However, do take note that this extension only works on Google Chrome desktop and not on mobile.

Thanks again, Khai Yong. We owe you one!

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