Find Out More About These Smartphones In This Week's Episode Of 'Tech Talks With Adam Lobo'

One allows you to adjust the colour temperature and another tells you when your photo is blurred.

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Find Out More About These Smartphones In This Week's Episode Of 'Tech Talks With Adam Lobo'
On this week's episode of 'Tech Talks with Adam Lobo', Kuala Lumpur's biggest tech enthusiast, Adam Lobo discusses the Honor 8X and Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

He starts off with an eye-catching unboxing session of the Honor 8X paired with a bright blue background that complements the device's packaging.

For starters, the phone has a premium and modern feel to it, especially in Blue.

Although there is a notch, Honor gives you the option to hide it, just like its other devices.

Another great feature that Adam appreciates is the phone's ability to activate the 'eye comfort' mode. This enables users to adjust the colour temperature of the display according to their preference.

Now, his photos taken during day and night looked great. The camera app's 22 different scenario options make the details on the buildings and sky look almost postcard-like to Adam.

There is also a cool option under the camera's night feature that captures multiple frames to help you get the best picture.

Overall, Adam recommends you to consider the Honor 8X if you want a mid-range smartphone with a great camera and battery life, at an affordable price!

Next, the Galaxy Note 9 is Samsung's flagship device that packs everything you want and need.

First of all, this phone's storage capabilities is one of its strongest points.

Adam also commends the device's square build and weight, which makes it solid and nice to hold.

The Galaxy Note 9's 6.4-inch display has some of the best phone screens in the market today, according to Adam, with its super AMOLED display that comes with a 1440 x 2960 resolution.

What is even better for Adam, it doesn't have a notch, which makes for perfect media consumption complete with Dolby Atmos surround sound.

In terms of the camera app, it comes with a new AI feature. This means that when you take a picture of a person or object, the app automatically incorporates the best settings, such as adjusting white balance or adding saturation.

But of course, you can also turn this setting off and edit the photos manually.

The camera's brand new flaw detection feature is also pretty neat because whenever you take a blurry photo, or if someone blinks, the camera app will notify you that you may have taken a bad picture.

Last but not least, the new and improved S Pen makes writing on the screen a lot easier and smoother, especially with new features like smart select, real-time translating, live messaging and off-screen memo.

The built-in bluetooth also allows you to take photos remotely, and even play or pause YouTube videos without ever touching the screen.

The Galaxy Note 9's high 4,000mAh battery capacity is also an excellent plus point, don't you think?

In summary, this device surpasses all other great features from its predecessors with all of the best features packed into one phone. 

If you need further convincing, you can watch the full episode below for Adam's complete review:

Don't miss the next episode of 'Tech Talks with Adam Lobo' on Monday, 6 May at 6.45pm on Hello (Astro CH110), where he discusses the Samsung S10+ and Oppo F11 Pro.

If you can't catch the episode on Monday, check out the repeats at 10.45pm the same day, Wednesdays at 6.45pm and 10.45pm, Fridays at 6.45pm and 10.45pm, and Saturdays and Sundays at 8.15pm!

In case you missed the previous episode, read about it here.

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