Ryan Reynolds Just Leaked The Entire ‘Detective Pikachu’ Movie Online

Classic prankster move.

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Ryan Reynolds Just Leaked The Entire ‘Detective Pikachu’ Movie Online
Warner Bros Pictures/MARK SAGLIOCCO-GETTY IMAGES via Men's Health

Seriously, Ryan...

In case you’re not aware, ‘Detective Pikachu’ is out in cinemas now and the movie’s lead, Pikachu, is voiced by none other than Ryan Reynolds.

The movie, which received a 73 per cent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, tells the tale of Tim Goodman, who’s on a mission to find his father, Harry, who mysteriously disappeared. H
arry's former Pokémon partner, Detective Pikachu comes into the picture to help Tim track his father.

‘Detective Pikachu’ is now showing in Malaysia but it seems that the movie may have suffered the same fate as Avengers: Endgame’: it was discovered that the movie has leaked online.

But it wasn’t the fact that the movie leak that surprised most people but it was the act of Ryan Reynolds sharing the movie link ‘innocently’ via his Twitter account.
The account behind the leak, @InspectrPikachu, was recently created probably a few hours or days ago and only has one tweet of a YouTube link with the caption “POKÉMON Detective Pikachu -- FULL MOVIE --“.

Naturally, many people clicked on the link but it isn’t what they expected it to be – they were trolled.

The one-hour 42 minutes video has a promising and convincing start, tricking viewers who only find out later on that they’re watching a video of Pikachu dancing adorably for over an hour.

And if you look closer, you can spot the word “R. Reynolds” on the top left of the video which means that this social media prank was obviously planted by the actor himself.

The official Twitter account for the movie, @DetPikachuMovie also conveniently changed their profile name to 'Detective Leakachu' following the tweet.

We see what you guys did there. Well played, Reynolds and ‘Detective Pikachu’ team!

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