Justin Timberlake Is Now Officially Dr. Justin Timberlake

Bringing sexy back.

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Justin Timberlake Is Now Officially Dr. Justin Timberlake

The Dr is ready to see you now!

Have you ever imagined calling Justin Timberlake a doctor?

Well, even if you never imagined it, the popular singer now carry the ‘Dr’ title after he was bestowed with an honorary Doctor of Music degree from Berklee College of Music on Saturday, ET Online reported.

The college said this year's honorary doctorate recipients are being recognised for their achievements and influences in music and for their enduring global impact.

In his speech, Timberlake had said that failure is not really a failure if it doesn’t drive you towards success.

'I'm a doctor now'.
"You’re defined by what you define failure as. It’s not a thing if it leads you to your success. It’s all part of the journey

"You have to appreciate those moments. Because what happens right after you feel like you failed is who you are and who you will continue to be. You have to dare to suck. You will never make something great if you are afraid that it's going to suck, that it's going to fail.

"Your tenacity and your ability to define who you are through those failures will be your ultimate success," he was quoted as saying.

R&B star Missy Elliott also received an honorary degree during the ceremony.

Berklee College of Music has awarded honorary doctorates since 1971.  Past recipients include Aretha Franklin, A.R. Rahman, Lionel Richie and Julio Iglesias.

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