From Sparkly Vampire To Superhero: Robert Pattinson Could Be The New Batman

Umm, why?

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From Sparkly Vampire To Superhero: Robert Pattinson Could Be The New Batman
Warner Bros

Meet the new Bats.

Hey DC fans, are you currently wondering what happened to the standalone 'Batman' film that Ben Affleck was supposed to direct and star in?

Well, we've got this piece of news you would be interested in, but we suggest you first find a place to sit.

Done? Here goes...

Former 'Twilight' actor Robert Pattinson could be your new Batman.

This happened to us.
According to an exlusive report by entertainment website Variety, the 33-year-old Pattinson is "the top choice" and although it's not been finalised yet, the website reported that the deal is "expected to close shortly".

Matt Reeves, the filmmaker tapped to direct 'The Batman' after Affleck left the director's seat, was reportedly allowed by movie studio Warner Bros to pick his own Bruce Wayne/The Dark Knight.

So...Reeves, best known for directing the recent 'Planet Of The Apes' movies, went out and chose a sparkly vampire?

"Pattinson was cast even as Reeves continues to polish a final version of the script," the website reported.

If Pattinson gets the role, he'll be the youngest to play Batman on the big screen.

We wonder if he'll sparkle in 'The Batman'.
However, according to another report by Deadline, Pattinson is not the only actor in the running to put on the cowl.

Nicholas Hoult, who played The Beast in 'X-Men: First Class', is also reportedly on the shortlist.

To be honest, neither Pattinson nor Hoult would be our first choice to play Batman, but considering that there's no official date set yet for filming to begin for 'The Batman', we pray that they'll shortlist more actors to play the role.

Hey, we wonder if Christian Bale is available. 

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