Siti Nurhaliza Has A New Hari Raya Song With Singers From S'pore and Indonesia

Just in time for the festivities!

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Siti Nurhaliza Has A New Hari Raya Song With Singers From S'pore and Indonesia
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Meet the trio that'll help you set the mood for Hari Raya.

One thing we love about Hari Raya is the amount of festive songs playing on the radio!
Hari Raya songs will definitely get you in a celebratory mood and can cheer you up because you’ll immediately be reminded of your family and all the good food that awaits you.
And some of the songs we regularly hum during Eid is sung by none other than the nation’s sweetheart, Dato’ Sri Siti Nurhaliza.
The one and only legendary Tokti.
This year, the songstress, who’s fondly known as Tokti, is back with a new Hari Raya song.

And this time, she’s not singing it alone!
Her new song titled "Ikhlas" (which means sincere), is the product of a collaboration with Taufik Batisah from Singapore and Nissa Sabyan from Indonesia.
This is the first time in local music history that three Southeast Asian countries are coming together as one to create a special Hari Raya song.

Fans can expect to listen to the song and watch the music video on 31 May exclusively on Apple Music. It will then be released on other platforms on 7 June.
“I’m very excited for our fans to finally be able to listen to ‘Ikhlas’,” said Dato’ Siti.
“It was a collaboration between three countries, aimed at highlighting the beauty of Syawal. ‘Ikhlas’ is also a reminder for us to always be grateful for all our blessings, especially during this blessed month.”
So fans, stay tuned!

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