K-Pop Band BTS' Popularity Has Reportedly Been Boosting Korea's Economy

They are that popular.

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K-Pop Band BTS' Popularity Has Reportedly Been Boosting Korea's Economy

One K-pop boyband = 26 companies

We know how sometimes a celebrity's popularity could put a country on the map (take our very own Yuna, for example), but their popularity actually affecting the country's economy? 

According to a report by the Seoul Broadcasting System, popular Korean boyband BTS is worth more than 4 trillion Won (RM19.1 billion).

The website quoted a recent research done by the Hyundai Research Institute, which revealed that a regular medium-sized corporation in Korea posts sales of only 160 billion Won (RM564 million) annually, so the seven-piece band's economic value is equivalent to that of 26 companies! 

Let that information sink in a bit.

Shocked Keanu is shocked.
The report also revealed that to date, more than 800,000 tourists who visited the country are fans of the boyband's (who are also called the 'BTS Army'). 
Not only that, BTS’ ‘Super Concert’ in Gwangju last year brought in more than 10,000 international fans to the country alone, thus, boosting tourism.

Owner Of Petrol Station In Yuna's MV: 'Please Stop Climbing Our Gates To Take A Picture'

Korea's unofficial ambassadors.
Among the places of interest that BTS fans visited in Korea include the boy band’s favourite restaurant, which has now become a popular tourist destination and have reportedly earned ten times more profit, the report revealed!
Their popularity has also impacted the food industry as whatever food and drinks the boys take, their fans will follow suit. 

Not just that, the obsession with BTS has also impacted other countries.

For example,  a Korean retail store in London has now successfully opened seven branches since it began operating in 2011, thanks to its famous food such as "naengmyun" (Korean noodles), "jjajangmyun" (black bean noodles) and "ddukbokki" (spicy rice biscuits).

It's not long before the BTS boys become the world's official ambasadors.

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