Rupert Grint And Tom Felton Are Up For A New ‘Harry Potter’ Film Spin-Off

Please make it happen!

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Rupert Grint And Tom Felton Are Up For A New ‘Harry Potter’ Film Spin-Off
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It's a YES from us.

Not too long ago, the internet went wild when rumours of a new ‘Harry Potter’ movie spin-off based on the ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’ play surfaced.

Of course, many fans (like us) wanted to believe it and for it to happen, but J.K. Rowling has dismissed it and said that it’ll remain as a play, nothing else.

But you might want to just keep the dream alive because the original cast members of ‘Harry Potter’ have expressed their interest in returning to the Potter universe.

We love Tom Felton too!
In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly (EW), Rupert Grint and Tom Felton - who played Ron Weasley and Draco Malfoy respectively - told the website that they’d be up for a new Harry Potter movie spin-off.

What’s more interesting is they were asked that if they do return, would they return as their fathers – Arthur Weasley and Lucius Malfoy?

“Absolutely,” says Felton, immediately. “I say I’ll do it for free but [laughs]…yeah, I’d love to,” Felton told EW.

“I’d be up for that…it’d be a nice kind of bit of closure,” Grint said, smiling in agreement.

His father will definitely hear about this...
Felton also added that it’d be cool to “rock a black suit once in a while”, referencing Malfoy Sr’s iconic look.

We know that this might be a long shot, but the fact that both Felton and Grint also mentioned that they’re intrigued by the possibility of appearing as their original characters in a screen version of ’Harry Potter and The Cursed Child’ is probably enough to ‘persuade’ other cast members (and J.K. Rowling!) to make it a reality.

Paging for Daniel Radcliffe...
“I feel…not possessive over Draco, but definitely like he’s a part of me somehow,” said the ‘Anna and the King’ actor.

“It’d be great,” Grint added.

So Potterheads… should we start a petition now?

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