After 26 Years, Boyzone said 'Thank You & Goodbye' At Their Farewell Tour

The concert also featured former Westlife member, Brian McFadden.

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After 26 Years, Boyzone said 'Thank You & Goodbye' At Their Farewell Tour
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Thank you for the music, Boyzone.

It is officially the year of boyband comebacks and reunions.
Last Friday (14 June), a popular Irish band from the 90s hit the stage in Malaysia for the last time.
That’s right.
After 26 years, Boyzone said goodbye to long-time fans at the ‘Thank You & Goodnight Farewell Tour 2019’ at the Malawati Indoor Stadium, Shah Alam and the whole night was practically an epic throwback session.
They told us that "Love is a Hurricane".
We were brought back to our good old days as students, either waiting for the band’s biggest hits to play on the radio or listening to cassette tapes – to the younger ones born after 2000, do you have any idea what we’re talking about?
Here’s what went down at the farewell concert.
Right on the dot at 8.30pm, Brian McFadden (formerly from Westlife) appeared on stage with some of Westlife’s famous hits, like “When You’re Looking Like That”, “Mandy”, “My Love” and “Uptown Girl”.
Now, this may confuse some of you because we are supposed to be talking Boyzone’s concert, right?
Well, in case you didn’t know, McFadden joined this tour as a special guest and the fans who were present that night surely were not complaining.
The members of Boyzone with Brian McFadden on the far right.
Although he was belting out some of Westlife’s best songs alone, it didn’t stop the crowd from screaming along to the tunes like we were tweens again.
Half an hour and seven songs later, he made way for the stars of the night.
Ronan Keating, Keith Duffy, Michael Graham and Shane Lynch came on stage (with their one and only female backup singer) and kicked off their last show.
They were "All That I Need".
They made sure to cover their set with their most memorable songs, including “Baby Can I Hold You”, “You Needed Me”, “I Love The Way You Love Me”, “Everyday I Love You”, “Nothing At All”, “Love Me For A Reason”, “No Matter What”, and more.
They said "Everyday I Love You".
The band also sang a number of their newer hits like “Going Gets Tough”, “Different Beat” and “Rollercoaster”.
What amazed us most about the night was the fact that they still sounded the same, if not better and more mature, especially Ronan Keating! The main vocalist didn’t fail to hit all the notes and pitches at all with his signature deep and smooth vocals, which made the night even more nostalgic.
"No Matter What" happens, we will always remember them.
In a touching and emotional moment, Boyzone paid tribute to Stephen Gately, their fifth member who passed away 10 years ago. They went on to perform a song which also included Gately’s unforgettable voice.
When the "Going Gets Tough", just listen to the music.
The group sang 22 songs in total, ending the night with “Picture Of You”. They definitely got the crowd singing along throughout the night like a grand karaoke session.
A "Picture of You" is "All That I Need".
By the end of the concert, we truly felt all the emotions filling the stadium as the four members bade farewell for the last time to the fans who have been showing them love for decades.
We don’t know where we will see them next individually, but we hope that they will never stop making music.
Thank you for 26 amazing years.
Thank you and goodbye, Boyzone.

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