Director James Wan Is Engaged To Actress Who Starred In ‘The Nun’ Horror Film

At least his love life isn’t a horror flick…

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Director James Wan Is Engaged To Actress Who Starred In ‘The Nun’ Horror Film
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From having nun to having something meaningful.

We all know Sarawak-born acclaimed director James Wan is famous for directing and producing horror flicks that’ll give you nightmare for weeks, such as ‘Insidious’, ‘Annabelle’, ‘Conjuring’, and ‘The Nun’.
And it seems that some of those elements from one of those movies continued to 'haunt' Wan’s love life (in a good way, of course) long after it premiered.
The director recently shared on his Instagram account that he’s engaged to Romanian actress, Ingrid Bisu.

"Engaged to this beautiful, amazing woman!" Wan captioned.
Wan and Bisu at the premiere of 'Annabelle Comes Home'
Ironically, the actress also appeared in ‘The Nun’ and played the character Sister Oana. Apparently, the pair managed to keep the engagement under wraps for quite some time after it was revealed that Wan had proposed five months ago.
Ingrid was born and raised in Romania and is fluent in French, English, German, and Latin.
We hear wedding bells soon, so do you think a wedding ceremony will take place in Sarawak soon just like Gustin ‘The Flash’ Grant’s wedding?
Well, given the fact that his family migrated to Australia when James was seven years old, it’s very unlikely but hey, who knows, right? Maybe he would like to share his cultural background someday with Ingrid?
Congrats to the lovebirds!

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