Hey Zombies, ‘Train To Busan 2’ Will Be Haunting You In Cinemas In 2020

The Korean zombies are back.

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Hey Zombies, ‘Train To Busan 2’ Will Be Haunting You In Cinemas In 2020
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Sorry, no Gong Yoo this time.

Last year, it was confirmed that the hit Korean movie  ‘Train To Busan’ will be getting a sequel, thanks to the success it achieved back in 2016.
Many fans naturally were excited about the prospect of seeing zombies in trains trying to infect their next victim and wondered when the sequel will premiere.
Well, we’ve got some new updates that’ll get you marking your calendars soon.
According to ScreenRant, the second installation of the zombie apocalypse movie will be taking place in 2020.
Meet the cast of 'Train to Busan 2'.
The cast members have also been revealed through a press release shared by AllKpop, and we can confirm 100 per cent that none of the original cast members will return for the sequel.

Fans can now expect to see Kang Dong Woon, Lee Jung Hyun, Joon Yi, Kwon Hae Hyo and many more soon.
The official title for the sequel will be known as ‘Bando’, which is Korean for 'peninsula' and the production team has also released the first teaser visual for the film.

Here's a first glimpse at 'Bando'.
So, what will happen in ‘Train to Busan 2’?
The story will reportedly take place at the Korean peninsula four years after the events of ‘Train to Busan’. The entire peninsula has become uninhabitable due to the zombie outbreak but some survivors are still trapped there waiting to be rescued.
Filming has begun as of 24 June so now, let’s pray that there won’t be any delays or hiccups so that we can watch it in 2020.

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