This Upcoming Movie About Crocodiles Will Make You Afraid To Go Into The Water


‘Crawl’ into the cinemas and scream your lungs out.

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This Upcoming Movie About Crocodiles Will Make You Afraid To Go Into The Water
In the age where blockbuster movies are all about superheroes, cartoon characters, monsters and evil spirits, it is refreshing to see a new a story occasionally.
Introducing ‘CRAWL’, an upcoming movie about crocodiles.
Rather than your typical documentary that tells you about the life and ways of the majestic creatures, this movie is a disaster horror film that will haunt the wits out of you.

‘CRAWL’ starts off with a Florida town that is caught in the middle of a massive Category 5 hurricane.
The story follows a young girl named Haley, played by Kaya Scodelario, who ignores the evacuation orders to search for her missing father, Dave (Barry Pepper).
She finds him gravely injured and stranded in their family home in Coral Lake. The two of them become trapped by the rapidly encroaching floodwaters and struggle to leave.
Now, with the storm strengthening, the father and daughter discover an even greater threat that the rising water level – a relentless pack of gigantic alligators.

Not only do they have to find a way out of their sinking house, they also have to deal with the very hungry and possibly angry creatures.
Can you spell O-M-G!
If you need further convincing, here are some reasons why you should watch ‘CRAWL’ when it comes out in the cinemas.

#1 It could happen IRL

The thing about movies is that most of the stories portrayed are make-believe. But what if the plot is so believable that it makes you wonder what would you do if you were caught in the exact same situation in real life?
‘CRAWL’ certainly is the type of movie that would induce such fear because, hey, crocodiles still very much exist in our world today and they can be just as fierce as the ones you see in the film.
As the saying goes, always prepare for a rainy day.
While hurricanes don’t exactly happen in our country, sitting through a movie like this will make you think about contingency plans if you are ever stranded somewhere with some wild animal lingering around.

And besides, it won't help your anxiety when you find out that a small town in the US was infested with crocodiles brought in flood water.
So, take ‘CRAWL’ as a good lesson!

#2 Man vs Wild

Let’s be real: ‘CRAWL’ is not the first movie about humans tackling dangerous wildlife. Over the years, we have seen ‘Jaws’, ‘Anaconda’, ’47 Meters Down’ and more.
Besides movies with fantasy-like creatures, like dragons and dinosaurs, we hardly experience such man vs wild themes anymore.
It is no doubt that ‘CRAWL' will take us down memory lane while reminiscing the wonderful times when mankind was attacked by ferocious beings...on screen, of course.

It's been a long time since we last saw a good man vs. wild movie (nope, 'The Meg' doesn't count), so hopefully, 'CRAWL' would bring back that excitement.

#3 A different kind of horror

It is good to take a break from possessed dolls, evil monsters and ghosts for once and uhh… enjoy a different type of horror movie like ‘CRAWL’.
There are thousands of phobias in the world and fear of crocodiles is one of them. Although we don’t necessarily encounter one in our day-to-day lives, it is possible to have a crocodile attack seep into our nightmares at night.

Also, the entire movie deals with the fear of being trapped in confined spaces, so if you're claustrophobic and afraid of crocodiles, this movie will be quite a thrill. 
So, if you don’t mind the adrenaline rush watching this disaster horror film, you should ‘CRAWL’ into the cinemas when it is out!

#4 Screaming, screaming and more screaming

Watch the trailer and you will know what we are talking about.

Well, to be fair, there is nothing better to do than to just scream your lungs out when you come face-to-face with not one, but a large pack of fierce alligators.
While we don’t believe that screaming will help much, like scaring the animal away, it can be a form of stress-relief. Don’t you think?
Let’s all scream together with Kaya Scodelario! Or even better, scream along when ‘CRAWL’ comes out in theatres nationwide this 11 July 2019.

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