Watch More TV And Stand A Chance To Win An All-Inclusive Holiday

Top up, add more channels and fly away.

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Watch More TV And Stand A Chance To Win An All-Inclusive Holiday
If you’re looking for a new holiday destination, here is your chance to win a free trip just by watching more TV!
We’re talking about NJOI Prepaid, a satellite TV decoder that comes with free access to up to 29 TV and 20 radio channels.
The programmes range from life learning, information to entertainment, perfect for everyone in your family.

However, if those channels are not enough to satisfy your entertainment needs after a long and stressful day at school or work, the good news is that you have the option to add more channels to your list!
With NJOI Prepaid, you can add more by choosing between the three-day, seven-day or 30-day option, starting from RM5 onwards.
The beauty of this prepaid feature is that customers are not bound to any contract, there is no monthly bill since it is a one-time payment, you can buy additional channels whenever you like, and it also comes with a 12-month warranty.
Besides that, as we mentioned, NJOI customers can literally top up and fly as part of the brand new NJOI Prepaid Top Up & Terbang contest!

Here’s how it works: customers who top up a minimum of RM20 of the NJOI Prepaid credit will be in the running for the monthly prizes. Every RM20 is equivalent to one entry point.
Then, customers who top up a minimum of RM100 (five entry points) cumulatively throughout the contest period that is happening from now until 30 November 2019 will stand a chance to win the Grand Prize of an all-inclusive travel package for two!
All you have to do is submit your entries via SMS by sending NAKNJOI with your 12-digit Smartcard number. For example, NAKNJOI<SPACE>123456789010.
As they say, the more the merrier. So the more you top up, the more entries you have, which leads to better chances of you getting picked as the winner.

Of course, contestants who win the monthly prizes may still stand a chance to win the Grand Prize, so don’t give up too quickly.
Let’s talk about the prizes now because that is probably what you’ve been waiting to hear.
For the monthly prizes, 10 contestants will be selected via randomizer to answer a few questions that will determine the final set of winners. Next, three will be picked as winners based on the fastest correct answers.
The remaining seven contestants will receive consolation prizes, which is RM50 NJOI Prepaid credit each.
Here are the monthly prizes: 1st Prize will win a 40” HD LED TV, 2nd Prize will win a Vantage 3-in-1 Cookware and 3rd Prize will win a Shimono Vacuum Cleaner PRO.
As for the Grand Prizes, five contestants will be selected using the same method. Then, two will be picked as winners based on the same criteria, who will win an all-inclusive travel package that comes with flight tickets, accommodation, tour and travel insurance each.
The winners can choose to travel to either Umrah, Korea, Japan, Bali or Singapore.
Similarly, the remaining three contestants will be given consolation prizes, 1 x RM50 NJOI Prepaid credit.
What are you waiting for? Top up now and stand a chance to FLY away! For more info about the NJOI Prepaid Top Up & Terbang contest, visit the NJOI website.

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