Put On Your Yellow Suits! ‘Kill Bill 3’ May Be Happening Soon, Says Quentin Tarantino

Are you guys ready for more Uma Thurman?

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Put On Your Yellow Suits! ‘Kill Bill 3’ May Be Happening Soon, Says Quentin Tarantino

Looking forward to the return of this badass.

More than a decade ago, Uma Thurman played a role and made a signature look iconic for many years to come.

Sporting a yellow jumpsuit with sporty black stripes while fighting baddies using a samurai sword, a femme fatale legend known as The Bride was born.

It has been 15 years since we last saw the “deadliest woman in the world”, and many fans were left wondering if they’ll ever get a chance to see her badass-ness on the silver screen again.

The most dangerous chick of the 2000s.
Well fans, that dream may just come true because ‘Kill Bill’ director Quentin Tarantino just revealed that he’s “in talks” with Thurman to make the third installment of the film.

In an interview with the Happy Sad Confused podcast, Tarantino was asked about the prospect of the third film.

“Me and Uma have been talking about it recently, frankly, to tell you the truth,” he said.

“I have thought about it a little further. We were talking about it literally last week. If any of my movies were going to spring from any of my movies, it would be the third ‘Kill Bill’.”

Given the events in volume one and two, there are a lot of possible storylines that could happen in the next ‘Kill Bill’.

Let’s hope that Thurman would say yes to the project and Tarantino has something gruesome brewing up his sleeves.

Who do you think should be casted opposite Thurman in an epic fight scene? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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