Netflix's 'Stranger Things' Took Over Good Vibes Festival Last Weekend And It Was Incredible

Genting Highlands was turned 'Upside Down' for #StrangerVibes.

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Netflix's 'Stranger Things' Took Over Good Vibes Festival Last Weekend And It Was Incredible
All is Amazing

The Shadow Monster is here.

In case you were wondering why the roads in Kuala Lumpur were so clear over the weekend, you should know the reason after seeing all the #GVF2019 hashtags on your Instagram feed.
Some 20,000 people were up in Genting Highlands for Malaysian millennials’ favourite music festival, Good Vibes Festival.
Now in its sixth edition, the festival returned to the rolling greenery of The Ranch at Gohtong Jaya once more. But this time, with some #StrangerVibes lurking around.
We need this T-shirt.
For the first time ever, Netflix brought ‘Stranger Things’ to life at the festival and fans were transported into the world of the ‘Upside Down’ that we all love and adore.
Since the release of Season 3 recently, the hype was real.
Our Good Vibes Festival experience was literally turned upside down from the moment we caught sight of the ‘Stranger Things’ installation.
Look at this stunning booth!
Some of the iconic sets and memorable scenes from all three seasons of the Netflix series turned into the best Insta-worthy moments that brought everyone straight into Hawkins, Indiana in the 1980s.
Let’s begin with the eerie Shadow Monster staring down at everyone from above.
Back in Season 2, we were left smiling sheepishly during the Hawkins Middle School Snow Ball when love was finally in the air for the Hawkins crew.
Just when we thought that the little town was finally safe from evil monsters, we saw the dark Shadow Monster linger over the school in the ‘Upside Down’, leaving us with the scariest cliffhanger ever.
The Mind Flayer was here.
Banking on the shock and terror we felt from that moment, Netflix displayed the monster in an incredible set that brought back all the creeps and took our breaths away.
Right next to the set was the van Eleven stopped in the middle of the road with her superpowers a.k.a. her mind, it is the perfect photo stop to turn into El for a moment.
Everyone tried to be Eleven for a day.
The Hawkin squad's favourite hobby.

Next, who can forget the moment when Joyce Byers emptied the store with all the Christmas lights available to prove her theory that Will was communicating with her through the lights.
The iconic scene of her living room illuminated with strings of colourful lights will stay in our hearts forever. And that’s what the fans got to experience at the Byer’s Living Room!
The queue to enter Will Byer's Living Room.
Trying to figure out how to win those awesome swag bags.
We were left in daze staring at these never-ending lights that made us feel like we were right there with Joyce when our ‘Stranger Things’ journey first began.
We stayed in here a bit too long.
Don't you want to bring one home?
Then, we came face to face with the Demogorgon. Thankfully, nobody got eaten.
There was no bloodshed involved.
Moving forward, we stepped into Palace Arcade and tried our hands at classic arcade games from our childhood, such as Pac-Man, Galaga, Donkey Kong, and even Dig Dug, the game which Max was better than Lucas and Dustin at.
Don't you just miss going to the arcade?
Many fans were stuck here for hours to see if they had the chops to match Max, the undefeatable champion.
Even the Demogorgon couldn't resist Pac-Man.
Then, the fireworks and vibrancy of the Independence Day Carnival – which sort of matched the atmosphere at Good Vibes Festival – took over Kuala Lumpur as our national city skyline received a ‘Stranger Things’ treatment of its own.
Last but not least, our homegrown Ong Lyn-Hui’s amazing ‘Stranger Things’ fan art was in full view for everyone to appreciate.
We're so proud.
The Penang-based artist was one of the 18 talented artists from around the world chosen by Netflix to create their own artistic interpretation of various episodes.

Lyn-Hui with her masterpiece.
Check out the art.
Now, we couldn’t get enough of this epic ‘Stranger Things’ installation. So let’s hope Netflix will bring the entire set on tour around Malaysia soon!
The installation looks even more epic at night.
Bring it to KL.
Netflix Malaysia, do you copy?

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