Set Your Playlists, ‘Baby Driver 2’ Will Be Racing Into Production Soon!

This movie shows why it’s important to have the right music while driving.

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Set Your Playlists, ‘Baby Driver 2’ Will Be Racing Into Production Soon!
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We want to know what happens to Baby next!

Back in 2017, director Edgar Wright dropped one of the best original action heist films to date – ‘Baby Driver’.

The film starring Ansel Elgort, Kevin Spacey, Jamie Foxx, Lily James, Jon Hamm, and many more received rave reviews from fans and critics and performed very well at the box office.

And if you left the movie theatre wanting for more after watching ‘Baby Driver’, we’ve got some news that’ll be music to your ears.

According to an interview with MTV, ‘Baby Driver’ lead Ansel Elgort confirmed that he has received the script from Wright for a sequel.
Elgort is not too sure when it’ll happen but he “thinks it’s going to happen”.

“I think there will be ‘Baby Driver 2’. It has a different title actually. You’re going to have to ask Edgar that, though.”

Wright also recently took his time off from his busy schedule to answer some fan questions via Twitter and confirmed that he’s interested in making a sequel.

Baby doing what he's best at.
“We hope to make it real soon if all the planets align...,” the director replied to a fan query.

Well, we hope the planets will align ASAP for Wright because we just can’t wait to see (and listen) to the amazing driving scenes paired with some awesome playlists.

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