New Disney Show Features Mickey Mouse Selling Satay And Donald Duck Making Roti Canai

Is business bad enough that these two icons had to open shop in Southeast Asia?

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New Disney Show Features Mickey Mouse Selling Satay And Donald Duck Making Roti Canai
Walt Disney Company Southeast Asia

Mickey and Donald are now permanent residents of Malaysia.

Disney and its iconic character Mickey Mouse have been around for decades and have become an integral part of pop culture.

Growing up, we’re sure that you’ve watched tonnes of Mickey Mouse shows and are used to the gang’s antics.

But what you'll thought you'll see is Mickey and Donald opening hawker stalls to sell satay and roti canai.

‘Mickey Go Local’ is a new animated short series from Disney featuring six episodes which heavily feature Malaysian and Singaporean culture, which includes food, traditional clothes, and architecture. All episodes will run for two minutes.

The first episode titled ‘Master Hawker’ will feature a laksa and a cucur udang/pasembor stall, and Mickey fanning his satay while Donald tossing his roti canai to attract customers. 

Goofy also makes an appearance in this episode acting as a hungry tourist.

By the looks of it, the episode seems to be set in Penang or maybe even Malacca.

New episodes will premiere on Disney Channel Asia’s YouTube page and Astro Disney Channel (Ch 615) every month until January 2020.

So proud to see our food in a Disney series!
“We are committed to creating locally appealing stories that are relevant to our fans. The Mickey Go Local animated shorts are the first time our beloved characters are seen enjoying South-east Asia’s charms, providing heartwarming moments for kids and families,” said The Walt Disney Company emerging markets (direct-to-consumer & international) regional lead Amit Malhotra.

So, what do you think they’ll feature next? We hope they’ll feature our local festivities – Hari Raya, Deepavali, and Chinese New Year soon!

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