Saving The Galaxy: Making 'BoBoiBoy Movie 2' A Reality

BoBoiBoy is back in action.

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  • Friday, 9 August 2019
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Saving The Galaxy: Making 'BoBoiBoy Movie 2' A Reality
With almost nine million views to date for the teaser and over four million views for the official trailer (and counting, of course!), there certainly is a lot of hype for the upcoming local animated movie, 'BoBoiBoy Movie 2' (BBBM2).

To prep for the release of the highly-anticipated animated movie, we had the opportunity to have a chat with the masterminds who are part of the creative team that made the movie possible.

They are Nizam Abdul Razak, the producer, writer, director and CEO of Animonsta Studios; Anas Abdul Aziz, the audio director and CCO of Animonsta Studios, and Dzubir Mohammed Zakaria, the co-director and film editor, to learn more about the process of making this much-anticipated animation film and what loyal fans and non-fans alike could expect from it!

Nizam is the producer, writer, and director of 'BBBM2'.
Anas, the audio director.
Dzubier Mohammed Zakaria, the co-director and film editor of 'BBBM2'.

A brand new adventure

Asked about how he was feeling, Nizam was quick to respond with, “Penat (Tired)”, but it is of the good kind though.

It has been confirmed that 'BBBM2' will make its way to cinemas in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, and Vietnam starting 8 August 2019.

The movie revolves around BoBoiBoy and his friends defending his Elemental Power to save the galaxy from a force that goes by the name Retak’ka. 

Hello from the dark side.
According to Anas, this movie opens up a whole new world.

“In this movie, the world is bigger. Boboiboy is traveling to space. More planets, a lot more alien species. A more epic adventure,” he explained.

Dzubir also told us that there are Nusantara elements incorporated in the designs of some objects in the movie.

“There are a lot of Nusantara designs like the wau, congkak, and gasing,” he elaborated.

In a way, they are promoting Malaysian culture and they are proud of that! 

Out of this world.
If you happen to be someone who hasn’t really caught up with 'BoBoiBoy' all this while (why though?) but is intrigued over the movie, not to worry. You do not have to stay up all night binge-watching the episodes nor the previous movie.

'BBBM2' is made for everyone to enjoy! When we say everyone, we mean everyone. Come one, come all. Faithful fans or not, young or old, this movie was made to entertain y’all! 

One movie for all ages

Despite it being marketed as a kids film, 'BBBM2' showcases a trace of complexity in its storyline. To that, Nizam told us that it was a deliberate approach in respect to their fan base that consists of a wide age range.

“We have fans who are 25-30 years old. We also have fans that are five years old. The complexity is for the grown-ups but it is something that the kids too can understand.”

Fans of all ages.
Achieving that balance added to the depth of the movie. Anas also mentioned that acknowledging the audience’s intelligence and treating them as smart people would allow them to enjoy the movie even more. 

If you were left impressed by the animation quality of the previous movie, well, get ready to be blown away by this edition.

The team told us that moviegoers can expect an international standard of animation quality for 'BBBM2'. In making this RM7 million movie, the production team, which consists of 80 members, certainly took this aspect seriously. 

Serious business.
Using Redshift, “an award-winning, production ready GPU renderer for fast 3D rendering and is the world's first fully GPU-accelerated biased renderer”, has surely helped them in keeping up with the tight deadline.

That, however, did not come without a challenge. They needed one of the most powerful graphics cards to make it work to the best it could. While the item is undeniably pricey, the cost was not the issue. But getting their hands on one was the challenge due to the lack of its availability.

“In 2018, it was hard to obtain,” revealed Nizam.

Spoiler alert: they managed to overcome that obstacle and benefitted from it. Of course, this would further enhance the movie-watching experience for the audience.

Nizam told us that from the ideation step to producing the final product, it only took them a year to complete.

Lots of action - guaranteed.
While one may argue that it is a rather short duration to make a movie, be rest assured that there is no compromising on the quality of the work. The team pays attention to every minor detail.

Heck, they even have a fashion designer whose task is specifically to style the characters! 

Besides the visuals, they are also very particular about how the characters sound like. There are great variations on how each character speaks based on their personalities and background.

The pain they take to perfect matters such as the choice of words to the lingo of each character is what puts the movie to another level. Besides their role in the production team, the three gentlemen are also voice actors.

Nizam voices the wacky Papa Zola. Dzubir plays the part as the friendly Gopal. Anas, however, dominates as he lends his multi-range voice for several different characters which include Adu Du, the temperamental alien, Probe, the robot slave, and Tok Aba, BoBoiBoy’s wise grandfather.

In case you’re wondering, BoBoiBoy is voiced by Nurfathiah Diaz.

Nurfathiah – an important figure in bringing BoBoiBoy’s character to life!

Keeping an eye out

Fans surely have a lot to look forward to in the movie. Nizam and Anas confirmed that there are Easter eggs throughout which only devoted fans could pick up. So, keep your eyes peeled for that.

Better yet, as Nizam suggested, “Watch it more than once to ensure you don't miss any of them".

This is, after all, a movie that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Quality time, if you will.

Nizam also told us that in the near future, cool merchandise like comics (which we were told may have a different interpretation from the movie) and trading cards will also be available soon!

So, that's your gift for BoBoiBoy fans sorted.

In a message to the people out there, the team expressed their gratitude for all the support given. They also humbly requested that there be no spoilers.

“Some kids even cry when the movie is spoiled for them,” Anas said. 

Well, no spoilers here, just a harmless tip: wait for the post-credits scene! 

'BoBoiBoy Movie 2' is now playing in all cinemas nationwide.

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