5 Things You NEED to Know About Frank Ocean’s Long-Awaited Album

We've been Thinking About You A LOT, Frank.

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5 Things You NEED to Know About Frank Ocean’s Long-Awaited Album
Is it worth the LOOOONG wait? (Image: Frank Ocean)
Do you still remember Frank Ocean? Oh you know, that sweet little crooner famed for his Channel Orange album featuring the hit Thinking About You back in 2012. Well, after four years and thousands of internet memes anticipating his return, Ocean finally ends his Orange drought with his brand new album, Blonde. So here are five crucial things you need to know about his next possible award-winning album.

#1 There are two versions of the album

Image: Frank Ocean
Fans noticed a discrepancy between the physical version of the record and the one available online. 12 tracks are available on the physical copy while additional tracks are only available online. The online-exclusives are: Nikes, Be Yourself, Self Control, Good Guy, Solo (Reprise), Facebook Story and Close to You If you’d like the whole Frank Ocean experience, we’d recommend you to get the online version but if you’re a true, die-hard fan, we know you wouldn’t hesitate to 'cop' both versions. After all, it was a REALLY long wait.

#2 Star-studded contributors

This was probably one of the secret ingredients that took Frank 47 months to perfect his masterpiece. Ocean enlisted the big guns and went all out. From the late David Bowie to Pharrell Williams, we know Blonde is going to be next Grammy-winning album of the year. Other notable contributors include Andre 3000 of Outkast, Jamie XX, Tyler the Creator, and Kanye West.

#3 Beyoncé is featured on one of the tracks

Gif: Giphy
Surprise, surprise, Queen Bey is here to lighten up your day. She provides backing vocals on the Pink + White track on the closing verse. Yeap, she’s just doing some backup vocals for Mr.Ocean, nothing more than that. Now imagine how cool it would be to just casually say “oh ‘Yonce’s singing backup vocals for me.” It’s like inviting the queen to your tea party but she only sits in the back so that she doesn’t overshadow your presence.

#4 Everyone’s convinced he’s going to disappear again

In case you didn’t notice, a sea of Frank Ocean memes has popped up all over the Internet over the past four years. Some even went as far as saying Frank wasn’t real, he’s just a figment of their imaginations and others joked about suing him for the “emotional distress” anticipating his new album.

Image: @Niicksx/Twitter
Image: @WIZKHALIFA/Twitter
Now, some of his fans are convinced that he’ll pull another Houdini stunt and vanish again.
Others retaliated to the long wait by saying that if he dies, they’ll only attend his funeral four years later.
Ocean's fans = freaking hilarious. Will he really go AWOL? Let's just wait and see.

#5 Mama Ocean makes a short skit appearance

Gif: Giphy
Frank’s mom surely isn’t one you’d like to mess with and boy, did she raise her kids right. She left some words of wisdoms and an empowering note on “being yourself” via a voicemail message at the beginning of Be Yourself. "Many college students have gone to college and gotten hooked on drugs, marijuana, and alcohol. Listen, stop trying to be somebody else. Don't try to be someone else. Be yourself and know that that's good enough," she says, before ringing off with: "This is mom, call me, bye".

Blonde is now available on iTunes for USD $9.99 (RM40.32).

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