Remember That Iconic 'RoboCop' Movie Poster? It Was Actually A Painting

Mind. Blown!

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Remember That Iconic 'RoboCop' Movie Poster? It Was Actually A Painting
A movie's poster says a lot about the film. Some of our favourite classic films, such as 'Back To The Future', 'Rocky' and 'The Godfather', have awesome movie posters.

And when we mention iconic movie posters, who could forget the movie poster for the original 'RoboCop'?

If you're a big fan of the part-man, part-machine cyborg, you'll definitely remember the image of of the titular character RoboCop (played by Peter Weller) stepping out of a police car with its lights flashing, and the words 'Part Man, Part Machine, All Cop' plastered on the side of the poster.

Here's a piece of information that will blow your mind: the theatrical release poster of the 1987 movie wasn't a touched up movie still, it was actually a painting

Yep, that's right: your whole life was a lie.

The 'RoboCop' movie poster was painted by artist Mike Bryan. According to his website, he created the poster using a unique technique which involves him painting over a ghosted image from a black-and-white photo from the film. 

"This process involved running hand-altered film positives (instead of negatives) through huge blueprint machines, transferring ghosted photo images on to ammonia sensitive paper.

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"This paper turned out to be very receptive to ink, paint and particularly pencil (my preferred media)," he detailed in a post.

Then, he 'coloured' the image using a combination of airbrush, ink and coloured pencils.   

Here's what Bryan's original artwork looks like:

Look at the amount of details.
Interestingly, he was also responsible for painting the movie posters of 1983's 'Scarface' and 1986 war flick 'Platoon':

Looks like Al Pacino.
This, too, is a painting.
Very impressive stuff indeed.

Now, go forth and impress your friends with this piece of information. You're welcome, fellow readers.

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