'He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe' Is Returning To Televisions Soon!

Good news for 80s kids!

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'He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe' Is Returning To Televisions Soon!

The return of the muscle man.

It looks like the list of 80s and 90s shows getting a reboot or continuation is never ending! 

The lastest to join the list of nostalgic-shows-millenials-will-suck-up is 'He-Man and the Masters of the Universe'

According to CNN, the show will continue from where it left off in the 1980s, not that anyone would actually remember where that was. Or would they?

Anyway, director Kevin Smith announced this development at Power-Con which was held in Anaheim, California last weekend.

However, the new 'He-Man' will be a little bit different: it is set to be an anime series that will be premiering on Netflix:

The new series will be called 'Masters of the Universe: Revelation' and we will most likely see the return of all our favourite characters from the original cartoon series, such as He-Man, Skeletor, Teela and maybe even Battle Cat.

Smith revealed that will be working with Mattel and Netflix on this project, and he seemed to be super excited about it in this video shared on CNN. 

Sounds exciting, doesn't it? 

If you're a fan of He-Man, wait for futher updates on when the show will be aired. 

But in the meantime, who has the power, guys? We do, of course.

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