Yuna Has Just Dropped A New Patriotic Song In Time For Merdeka

It's the soundtrack for 'M For Malaysia' feature documentary.

  • Wednesday, 28 August 2019
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Yuna Has Just Dropped A New Patriotic Song In Time For Merdeka

Merdeka is just a few days away and we've got a treat for you! 

OK... not us lah. But rather, award-winning music composer Rendra Zawawi, who has just released a new song called "Bermula Kita" featuring songstress Yuna and The Malaysian Philharmonic Youth Orchestra

The song, which is also the theme song for the upcoming 'M for Malaysia' feature documentary, is soothing to hear and reminds us Malaysians what the country is all about and what we achieved together as a nation. 

According to Rendra and Yuna, most of the process of creating the song happened in Los Angeles, United States, where both the artistes are based. 

There were also a lot of back and forth via emails, as both have a busy schedule but all came together well in the end, as you can see in the video below.

Rendra, in an interview, said that the premise of the song came from the documentary itself.

"The song is actually derived from the score itself. The score of 'M for Malaysia' has a few thematic materials in it.

"So, I think when we came up with the song, it sort of made sense to imbue some melodic motives and ideas from the score into the song which is what we did and once we got it...the rest of it was sort of unified by Yuna," he said. 

As for Yuna, she said that she just added some pop elements to Rendra's " beautiful, lush orchestra". 

According to them, the song itself took eight weeks of preparation, and once everything is in order, it was recorded at the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra with the full accompaniment in just one day. 

'M for Malaysia' is a feature documentary on the days leading up to the historic win of Pakatan Harapan in the previous general elections. 

You can catch it from 12 to 15 September 2019 at selected cinemas. 

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