These 7 Malaysian Movies Are Sure To Get You In The Merdeka Spirit

Catch it on Astro channel 700.

  • Saturday, 31 August 2019
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These 7 Malaysian Movies Are Sure To Get You In The Merdeka Spirit

Hari Kebangsaan and Malaysia Day are just around the corner. On top of that, there are three long weekends coming up, too! 

So much time...what to do? Well, Astro has got a treat for you. 

It has just launched a new channel, Malaysiaku (CH700), just to celebrate the country and the amazing talents we have, with 40 shows that you can enjoy for FREE. 

We know it's hard to choose especially when you're too busy to have fun, so here's our picks of movies you need to watch to get you into the Merderka spirit:

#1 'Pendekar Bujang Lapok'

You can never go wrong with a P. Ramlee classic. 'Pendekar Bujang Lapok' is the second installment to 'Seniman Bujang Lapok', but is not a sequel as there's not much of a continuation between the two movies. 

The movie tells the story of three bachelors - Ramli (P. Ramlee), Azis (Aziz Sattar) and Sudi (S. Shamsuddin) - who encounter three bullies and try to learn self defence to twart them. Hilarity ensues and the whole movie is comedic gold! 

#2 'The Journey'

 'The Journey' is a truly Malaysian story, with a Mat Salleh in the mix. Bee brings her English fiance home after years of studying abroad, only to have her very conservative family - especially the father - being against the relationship.

He finally relents and agrees to the wedding as long as it's done the traditional way, so her fiance follows him across the country to deliver the wedding invitations. The journey teaches them both about accepting their differences. It's poignant and funny so you don't want to miss it!

#3 'Sepet'

Doesn't matter if it's a movie or an ad, a Yasmin Ahmad production always stays with you long after you've watched 'em.

'Sepet' is, of course, one of the favourites among Malaysians and worth many rewatches. It may be a simple love story between chinese boy Jason and Malay girl Orked, but it's one that makes you go 'awww...'. 

#4 'Ola Bola'

Nothing brings Malaysians together quite like sports (besides food, obviously). That is probably why 'Ola Bola' had such an impact on the audience when it first released.

The movie revolves around the sucessful and multi-racial Malaysian football team that qualified to the 1980 Olympics. It's the journey of the team and it's individual members who succeeded despite all odds. A feel good movie that'll make you feel proud to be a Malaysian! 

#5 'Rise Of A Legend: Lee Chong Wei'

If you've always wanted to know how badminton legend Lee Chong Wei became one of the best in the world, you'd love this movie.

It tells you the story of Chong Wei from the time he was a kid living in poverty to his rise as a sucessful national player. The movie is based on his biography 'Dare to Be a Champion' and even has a cameo by the man himself. 

#6 'Rail Payanangal'

'Rail Payanangal' is a story about Sweetha and Vijay who meet when traveling in a train. Their friendship is formed during their daily commute and blooms into love.

The plot twist is that Vijay is married, although he is having isseues with his wife. Sweetha's mother is also looking for a groom for her. Will the couple find their true love and end up together? 

#7 'Paskal: The Movie'

It doesn't get any more patriotic than a movie about our heroes who guard the country against outside forces.

'Paskal: The Movie' is based on true events that Pasukan Khas Laut - a team under the Malaysian Navy - has faced. There's drama, heroism, emotions and much more that makes the movie one of the best made in Malaysia production. 

It's FREE!

Catch these seven Malaysian movies on-demand on the Astro Malaysiaku channel (CH700) from 31 August to 16 September. 

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