Jay Chou Enters Japanese Café, Gets Mistaken For A Yakuza Boss

A case of mistaken identity.

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Jay Chou Enters Japanese Café, Gets Mistaken For A Yakuza Boss
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Call him boss.

If you happen to bump into Taiwanese artist Jay Chou, would you run towards him to take a selfie or run away from him because you fear him?

You guys wouldn’t believe this, but some people did the latter when they bumped into the star recently.

Pop star or gangster boss?

According to a report by Asia One, quoting a story by Oriental Daily, the 43-year-old, who was on vacation in Japan, reportedly caused a stir when he entered one of the cafés there.

And mind you, he didn't cause a stir because he's one of the most popular artistes in Asia; he caused a stir because patrons thought he was a Yakuza boss (Yakuza is an infamous organised crime syndicate in Japan, in case you're wondering).

Apparently, the King of Mandopop was dressed in an oversized dark print shirt, a beanie and a pair of sunglasses. We do not know if the Yakuza has any dress codes, but Chou's choice of fashion that day did more than enough to scare away the patrons.

The news portal reported that the moment Chou stepped into the café, the patrons of the shop quickly paid their bills and left, largely unaware of the star behind the outfit.

In the end, Chou was reportedly left all alone in the café.

Here's a pro tip from Jay Chou himself: the next time you're in Japan and you want an entire café all to yourself, wear an oversized dark print shirt and a beanie. Throw in some Japanese cuss words for added effect.

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