Hey Muggles, You Can Now Enroll In A 'Harry Potter' Law Course At A Real University

Hogwarts exists!

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Hey Muggles, You Can Now Enroll In A 'Harry Potter' Law Course At A Real University
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We'll definitely ace this class!

Potterheads, if it’s your life-long dream to study at Hogwarts (even though you know it’s not real), well, your magical dreams may have just come true. Sort of.

A university in India is offering an elective course that intertwines law and J.K. Rowling’s ‘Harry Potter’ universe.

National University of Juridical Sciences in Kolkata, India, recently welcomed its first batch of students in December 2018 for the course titled ‘An Interface Between Fantasy Fiction Literature and Law: Special Focus on Rowling’s Potterverse’.

The course, designed by someone who we are pretty sure is a die-hard fan of 'Harry Potter', Professor Shouvik Kumar Guha, aims to “encourage creative thinking” between muggles, wizards, and witches who enroll in the course.

Guess who's going to excel in this course...
According to the BBC, the curriculum requires students to apply both Indian and wizardry legal terms and principles to all sorts of fun topics such as ‘unforgivable curses’ – torture, murder, and possession of another person, along with the rules of Quidditch, unbreakable vows, and something everyone eagerly wants to prove – Sirius Black’s innocence.

And if human and magical creature rights are something right up your alley, there’s also a module that compares the social and class rights in India with the “enslavement of house-elves and the marginalisation of werewolves” in the ‘Harry Potter’ universe. Dobby would be really proud of this module.

“In our current system, we simply tell students the black letter of law,” Mr Guha told the BBC.

“Will they be able to apply pre-existing laws to situations that have never come up before?”

Class is in session!
The professor adds that the course will push students out of their comfort zones to learn the laws and scenarios in the Potterverse, which are parallel to some real-life situations.

Sounds very intriguing, huh? Alright, we'll see you guys at Diagon Alley to pick up some school supplies before heading to India!

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