After 22 Long Years, Ash Ketchum Finally Becomes A Pokemon Master!

He’s finally “the very best, that no one ever was”.

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After 22 Long Years, Ash Ketchum Finally Becomes A Pokemon Master!
The Pokemon Company

You did it, Ash!

If you grew up watching or playing the 'Pokemon' games, we’re confident that you know their super catchy theme song by heart.

And after 22 very long years, it looks like Ash Ketchum can finally relate to the lyrics of the song.

Ash has finally achieved his dream of becoming “the very best, that no one ever was” after enduring (and losing) countless of Pokemon battles by securing his first ever Pokemon League win.

The one and only Ash Ketchum.
According to CNET, in the most recent episode of ‘Pokemon Sun & Moon’, the sixth series of the anime, Pikachu’s trainer won the Alola region Pokemon League.

Only the Japanese version of the episode has aired, in case you're wondering why you didn't know about it earlier. 

He looks different after 22 years. Congrats on the win!
Naturally, fans went wild on Twitter after learning that Ash is now officially a Pokemon Master despite taking him over two decades to achieve that title.

Some even made memes out of his win. Take a look:
Well folks, if there anything this win taught us, it’s that to never give up on your dream, even if it takes some time and a lot of losing along the way because that’s how you eventually become a winner!

It’s hard to believe that the very Ash we all grew up with since 1997 can finally say that he’s a Pokemon Master, instead of dreaming of becoming one.

Congratulations, Ash Ketchum on the well-deserved, long-overdue win!

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