Spotify Is Also Feeling 'Haze & Confused' Like The Rest Of Us With The New Playlist

"Wake Me Up When September Ends" because we can't breathe with "No Air".

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Spotify Is Also Feeling 'Haze & Confused' Like The Rest Of Us With The New Playlist
In the past couple of weeks, while we embrace the spirit of patriotism and unity over Merdeka and Malaysia Day, the one thing that has been truly uniting Malaysians is the haze.

From the moment we step out of the house, the first thing that comes to our lips (and eyes) is "OMG, stupid haze!"

As of 4pm today, these are the highest air pollution index (API) readings in the country shared by Bernama.

And those are just in ten locations. It is happening all around Malaysia and sadly, there is nothing we can do about it.

Let's face it, the "operation" to blow the haze back to Indonesia didn't work for obvious reasons.

So, how do breathe like this?

Well, since there is no way for us to solve this environmental issue on our own besides taking care of our physical health by wearing proper masks and drinking plenty of water, Spotify Malaysia came up with something to help clear the air, metaphorically, at least.

The music-streaming platform launched a playlist titled 'Haze & Confused' and Malaysians are living for it.

The description says, "Haze is a strong word, but we really really really don't like you."

Get it?

If you briefly scroll through the playlist, you will find song after song with titles that are clearly pun intended.

The playlist runs for four and a half hours with more than 60 songs featured, including "No Air", "Harder to Breathe", "Burn", "Wake Me Up When September Ends", "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes", "So Sick", "Set Fire to the Rain", and many more.

There is also a local song in the list by Misha Omar, "Sampai Bila", which is something we're all crying out towards the dark, grey skies. "Sampai bila jerebu ni?!"

The 'Haze & Confused' playlist already has nearly 7,000 followers and counting. Well played, Spotify. We can foresee more people subscribing to this playlist as long as we keep squinting outdoors.

Give it a listen today to help you cope with your itchy throat, watery eyes and irritated nose.

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