Local Singer To Represent Malaysia At The i-Sing International Competition

Here, have our luck!

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Local Singer To Represent Malaysia At The i-Sing International Competition
Instagram/Nadia Hasnan

Malaysia represent.

Are you a fan of former 'Akademi Fantasia 6' finalist Nadia Hasnan?

If you are, then you’d be glad to know that your favourite singer will be representing the country at the international competition i-Sing in November.

The New Straits Times reported that the singer recently won the national-level i-Sing contest, which gave her an automatic qualification to the international competition that is set to be held in Sweden.

CHAMPION! . Alhamdulillah3×!! Apa yg Nadia nak buat utk persembahan terlaksana. Usaha itu tangga kejayaan. Minggu ni sangat memenatkan.. practse, settlekan baju, itu jadi, ini jadi.. MACAM2! Tp semuanya berbaloi,syukur!! . So lepasni Nadia menggalas satu lagi tanggungjawab utk wakil Malaysia ke Sweden.. Xpernah terfikir nak merantau sejauh ini utk negara. Tp syukur diberikan peluang. Insha allah, Nadia akan berikan yg terbaik. DOAKAN! . Tp Nadia xleh buat semua ni tanpa sokongan family dan sahabat.. tq mama,tq adik,tq sayang,tq am,tq mummy,tq capikah❤❤❤ . ROAD TO SPAIN DAH BERTUKAR KE SWEDEN. Banyak persiapan nak buat nih..excited!! @isingmalaysia @isingworld #isingmalaysia2019

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“Alhamdulillah, I've made it after lots of hard work. It's been a very tiring week for me, rehearsing, getting a stylish costume ready, but it was all worth striving for. Thank God!

“My next major task is to represent Malaysia in Sweden.

“I've never dreamt of going this far, but I'm delighted to have this wonderful opportunity and God willing I will give my best," she wrote on Instagram.

The 29-year-old artist reportedly performed Beyonce's "If I Were A Boy" and Nining Meida’s "Es Lilin" at the national-level contest, and by winning the competition, she received a trophy and RM1,500 cash.

Hopes she rocks in the international competition too! Let's go, Nadia!

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