Comfy Beds At The Cinema? Get Ready For A New First Class Cinematic Experience At GSC

Warning: it may be hard for you to stay awake through a movie now.

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Comfy Beds At The Cinema? Get Ready For A New First Class Cinematic Experience At GSC

That looks uber comfortable.

Are you ready to struggle staying awake while watching a movie at the cinema because it is just way too comfortable?

As much as we don't encourage sleeping after paying more than RM10 for a movie ticket, Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) is making it a bit more challenging for our next cinema experience.

Moviegoers will soon enjoy an ultra-luxe experience because GSC is joining hands with homegrown natural latex mattress company Getha.

According to The Star, GSC Signature, which has now been rebranded to Aurum Theatre, will feature suite-style seating that comes with luxury recliners exclusively designed for the cinema, that pretty much look like beds.

Are we at a hotel?
How to stay awake like this?!

Jokes aside, this new boutique cinema is designed to provide greater comfort and enjoyment, especially with a set of high-quality latex mattresses.

Decades ago, we would never have imagined that watching movies at the cinema would be a luxury, indulgence, or a prestigious activity.

Now, this lavish experience comes with luxury recliners coupled with personalised functions, a bulter service, fine food and drink, and of course, top cinematic technology.

Cinemas just keep getting better and better.
Besides that, Aurum Theatre will also feature more ultra-luxe halls that come with private cabins, as well as thematic theatres with bespoke service and contemporary dining, and a standalone gastrobar for you to grab a bite before your movie.

Just in time to catch all the blockbusters and Disney movies coming up by year-end!

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