Collab Of The Decade: Did Beyoncé And Adele Record A Song Together?

Is this real life?

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Collab Of The Decade: Did Beyoncé And Adele Record A Song Together?
The Sun

They will spit fire together.

After some of the great music collaborations lately, like Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars, fans are dying the hear more from the greatest of all-time.

This week, word started going around that Beyoncé and Adele have recorded a song together.

Yes, those two well-known female singers that only need one name that stand out apparently came together for a song, according to OneRepublic's Ryan Tedder.

OneRepublic is set to release their fifth studio album soon.
He mentioned in an interview that the collaboration will be featured on the band's upcoming album, "Human", as reported by AFP.

He also added that Coldplay's vocalist and frontman Chris Martin was responsible for the piano solo in the song's bridge.

This sounds epic.
Does that not sound like an amazing song?

Whoever is slated to release a song or album when this groundbreaking collaboration comes out will probably have a tough time hitting the top of the charts.

But, unfortunately, this news turned out to be... a joke.

The OneRepublic frontman explained on his Instagram Story that he was just kidding and being sarcastic.

It's not funny, Ryan.
Ryan, we love you but why on earth would you joke about something like that?!

"Come onnnnnnnnn people!! All that said — wouldn’t that be a fire collab? I’d stream it," he reportedly wrote.

Come onnnnnnnnn, Ryan. This is not funny!

Granted, in the past, the singer-songwriter has collaborated with the two Grammy winners before separately.

We are still waiting for new music from both Beyoncé and Adele, so let's hope we don't have to wait too long.

Or better yet, maybe this "joke" could turn out to be real in the end?

On another note, OneRepublic's fifth studio album "Human" will be released in November. The band has already revealed two new songs, "Rescue Me" and "Wanted", ahead of the release.

So what do you think of this joke?

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