Siti Nurhaliza Is P-ssed At Online Businesses For Using Her Daughter’s Name

Shame on you guys!

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Siti Nurhaliza Is P-ssed At Online Businesses For Using Her Daughter’s Name

Datuk Seri Siti Nurhaliza is not happy!

We all know how famous Malaysia’s number one singer Datuk Seri Siti Nurhaliza is.

Everything she touches turns into gold, which is probably why a lot of businesses would use her image or name (without permission, of course) to sell their product.

However, things have gotten so bad that some irresponsible bussinesses are now using the name of her cute little daughter Siti Aafiyah Khalid to sell stuff.

And Siti is not happy at all.

Protective mother.
The New Straits Times reported that the 40-year-old songstress is upset that her daughter's name is being used to push products online.

In fact, she got so concerned, she took to her Instagram account to voice her concerns:

“There are too many accounts that use my daughter’s name, Siti Aafiyah. My fans have brought my attention to Instagram accounts that use her name in order to sell all sorts of products and such.”

“The picture here is one of the many accounts that use Aafiyah in its name to sell a product that is not at all from me or any of my businesses. I implore everyone to not take advantage of her name, especially since there have been hundreds of accounts out there using the name Aafiyah," she wrote.

Terlalu banyak akaun yang menggunakan nama anak saya, Siti Aafiyah, saya juga mendapat aduan daripada peminat-peminat saya yang prihatin apabila instagram yang menggunakan nama Aafiyah digunakan untuk perniagaan pelbagai barangan dan sebagainya. Gambar di atas adalah salah satu akaun yang menjual produk menggunakan akaun bernama Aafiyah dan produk tersebut bukan daripada perniagaan saya. Saya sangat bermohon agar jangan mengambil kesempatan di atas nama Aafiyah apatah lagi terdapat beratus-ratus akaun di atas nama Aafiyah. Saya di sini sekali lagi ingin menegaskan bahawa Aafiyah TIDAK MEMPUNYAI AKAUN INSTAGRAM dan saya berharap anda tidak terpedaya jika ada yang menyamar atau menjual produk bukan dari perniagaan saya ataupun menggunakan akaun tersebut untuk tujuan-tujuan tidak baik. Berniagalah dengan jujur dan jangan menyalahgunakan nama Aafiyah.

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Dato' Siti also clarified that her daughter Aafiyah does not have an Instagram account, and she advised her fans to not be duped by "pretenders and those selling products that are not related to my businesses, as well as others who utilise the accounts for dubious reasons."

"Please conduct your businesses in an honest fashion and don’t misuse the name Aafiyah,” she further wrote in the post, which featured a screenshot of one of the online businesses that uses Siti Aafiyah’s name and picture.

Guys, if you are doing this, please stop!

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