People Will Go To The Extreme For Inheritance. These Stories Are Proof Of That

Clearly blood ties mean nothing when it comes to wealth.

  • Thursday, 24 October 2019
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People Will Go To The Extreme For Inheritance. These Stories Are Proof Of That

People say that money is the root of all evil, but we think the more accurate saying would be greed is the root of all evil. 

It really is shocking, and more than a little sad, to read about some of the things people would do to their own flesh and blood just for inheritance. 

Here are some of the most disturbing stories we found:

#1 Man slashes brother over inheritance

Not from actual crime
In 2015, a man murdered his own younger brother and attempted to kill his sister-in-law too over a...piece of property. 

M Nageswaran, who was 39 at the time of the incident, murdered his brother M Gunalan, 37, but later denied the charges when the case was brought to court. 

The sub-contractor was accused of committing the murder at a house in Kampung Jawa, Klang at about 5.30pm on 5 May 2015 and was sentenced to death in 2017. 

Gunalan's wife, who was never named, welcomed the sentence and said that he deserved to be punished for the murder, The Star reported. 

#2 A tragic tale of a fight that led to a death

Police at the crime scene in Bukit MertajamWhat should have been a morning like any other turned tragic for two brothers when one of them died in a fight with each other. 

The Star reported that the elder of the two went to the house of the younger brother around 7.50 am on 14 May 2017, and tried to ram the motorbike he was riding into his brother. 

This caused the younger brother to grab a fire extinguisher and sprayed at the older one, which escalated the fight. 

The rash action of the elder brother led to his own death, after he suffered a blunt force trauma to the head and a heart attack, and all over some inheritance. 

We tried to look for articles that will explain the fate of the younger brother, but we couldn't find it but we do hope a fight caused by hot heads didn't send him to the gallows. 

#3 Brothers Kill Father For Money

Suspects being led away by the police
Earlier this year, two brothers from Ipoh were arrested for the murder of their father.

The motive? So that they can get their inheritance. 

Harian Metro reported that the duo beat up the 56-year-old victim, who later died in the hospital. 

The incident wasn't the first time the brothers attacked their father. According to their eldest brother, both of them had beaten their father up and taken all his savings prior to the incident that finally took their father's life. 

On 23 May, just a few weeks after the incident, the brothers, who are in their early 20s, were charged in court but were allowed bail. 

#4 Millionaire's Son Murders Father And Claims It Was A Suicide

Dellen Millard was sentenced for the murder of his father, as well as two others in an unrelated case.
No one is free from greed. Not even the Canadians, who are said to be some of the nicest people in the world. 

Millionaire Wayne Millard, 71, was shot in the eye by his 33-year-old son, who was afraid his inheritance will be sunk into the family's aircraft maintenance business, Independent UK reported. 

According to the report, the elder Millard's death was first classified as suicide after the son claimed that his father was suffering from depression for a long time and he eventually took his life. 

However, investigations proved that he was lying and he was sentenced for the murder of his father. 

What makes the case even more interesting is that Dellen Millard was already serving two consecutive life sentences for two other murders he'd committed. 

We wonder what he planned on doing with millions of dollars from inside the jail. 

Is inheritance worth anything?

While there are some things we all wish to inherit - money, properties, jewelery and things that fall under the same categories - there are some we don't really want to inherit. 

Keeping this in mind, the makers of local horror flick 'Pusaka' have come up with a story which plays with the idea of inheritance of the natural well as the supernatural kind. 

Directed by Razaisyam Rashid, 'Pusaka' tells the story of one Inspector Nuar Ishak, who finds the bodies of a pair of twins named Balqis and Qistina in an abandoned house.

What was supposed to be a normal murder case turned extremely creepy when spooky things start happening to Inspector Nuar.

'Pusaka' Could Very Well Be The Scariest Local Horror Film This Year

As he gets deeper into his investigation, he encounters many weird and supernatural incidences, and he must keep his sanity if he wants to get out of the investigation alive.

The film stars Syafiq Kyle, Mimi Lana, Faizal Hussein, Fauziah Ahmad Said, Hafidz Roshdi, Sweet Qismina, Drama Muhammad, Aloy Paradox and Yuna Rahim.

'Pusaka' is set to be released in cinemas this 31 October (you know, Halloween), so remember to mark your calendar.

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