15 Questions to Ask Yourself While Watching 'Morgan'

#7 Why wasn't Michelle Yeoh given a bigger part in the movie?

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15 Questions to Ask Yourself While Watching 'Morgan'
Image: 20th Century Fox
Ever been to a press screening of a movie? It's actually pretty amazing. You get to watch movies before the general public, you go on a weekday to the mall when it's empty, you get a complimentary soda and popcorn, and best of all, you're seated in the largest hall with a pick of any seat you want. 

We'd like to thank the people at 20th Century Fox Malaysia for arranging the screening of Morgan and take this opportunity to present you the official synopsis:

A corporate troubleshooter (Kate Mara) is sent to a remote, top-secret location, where she is to investigate and evaluate a terrifying accident. She learns the event was triggered by a seemingly innocent “human,” who presents a mystery of both infinite promise and incalculable danger.

The words "terrifying", "mystery", and "danger" imply that the movie will be a suspenseful thrill ride or a horror-themed sci-fi mystery. Its poster featuring an ominous hooded figure – the titular Morgan – and tag line "Don't Let It Out" also suggests that once Morgan is "Let Out", the movie would begin its jump scare and blood-spilling shenanigans. 


Though there is blood and (some) guts in this movie, don't expect a Texas Chainsaw barrage of it. You could call it horror-lite or horror-thriller-arthouse-drama. We wouldn't even place it in the horror genre necessarily. Be warned again that this list may contain some SPOILERS so read at your own risk: 

#15 What happened to the teddy bear that Morgan is holding in the poster? It features prominently in the keyart but isn't mentioned once in the film. 

Image: 20th Century Fox, Marvel
#14 Why did they get the Dr. Zola, a Hydra operative, to create a synthetic human? Of course it's going to kill. Psst. Hail Hydra.

#13 Morgan is made from synthetic DNA, but where did they... grow her? She (it) starts to walk at one month and spoke after six. So how long did she (it, sorry) take to be birthed? If so, how? If it was in the womb, was that accelerated as well? If not, why? 

#12 How could Morgan stab Kathy (the gratuitiously violent eye-stabbing scene in the trailer) repeatedly in the eye? There's not a lot of face real estate there and once you stab out the eye, there's nothing much left to poke. 

#11 Why is she in a hoodie? Did she choose it? Is it a futuristic all-terrain Bluetooth enabled hoodie that's standard issue for all synthetic humans? Did they make multiple hoodies in the same size as she grew? 

#10 What are Morgan's powers? The movie never elaborates and they range from martial arts to telepathy and manipulating electronics with her mind. Powers she conveniently forgets about to fit the plot. 

Image: 20th Century Fox
#9 Who is the main character? At the beginning it's about Morgan but by the end it's not about anyone. 

#8 What kind of movie did the filmmakers set out to make? It sets up to be a horror movie, begins as a thriller, continues as a Jason Bourne film, and ends as The Terminator. 

#7 Why wasn't Michelle Yeoh given a bigger role in the movie? She's identified as the head of the house and the 'mother' but she appears in the film for less than 10 minutes. It's also not explained why she's even referred to as 'mother'. It's almost like they needed a creepy scene in the trailer. Kids sneaking up on their parents and whispering is always scary, ask anyone. 

Image: 20th Century Fox
#6 How much was Paul Giamatti paid for his five minutes of screen time? It's more of a cameo than actual screen time. 

#5 Why so much emphasis on the 'incident'? The eye-stabbing is blown out into epic proportions even by movie standards. Lock anyone in a box for five years and deny them outdoor privileges, and they're gonna stab someone in the eye. Even prison inmates get time on the courtyard. If Morgan broke out of her cell, tore that woman to pieces and hid back in her cell then maybe you'd be able to justify the film's tagline "Don't Let It Out". 

#4 What does a risk manager even do? Kate Mara's character is sent to assess the risk of Morgan to the company. After Googling the actual job description of a risk manager, we've concluded that the movie should have been called The Risk Manager. Watch it and you'll see why. 

#3 What's up with the hand gestures made by Morgan? In the film she turns her palms upwards before beginning her (mild) rampage and it's never explained. It's hinted that all synthetic humans do this. But why? Who knows. Maybe you'll get the answer in the sequel. 

#2 Where is the security team on site? This is a remote top-secret facility with an expensive payload. Why aren't there any guards manning the gates at least? 

Image: 20th Century Fox
#1 Is this movie actually a Terminator spin-off? Kate Mara's character is like the T-1000 by the end of the movie. 

Morgan premieres this week on 1st September and stars Kate Mara, Anya Taylor-Joy, Rose Leslie, Michael Yare, Toby Jones, and Michelle Yeoh. The film is directed by Luke Scott, Ridley Scott's son. 

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