Singer Jay Chou Holds Special Concert Just For His Two Kids

His biggest fans.

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Singer Jay Chou Holds Special Concert Just For His Two Kids
Instagram/Jay Chou

A performance just for the kids.

You guys know Mandapop superstar Jay Chow as a great musician and actor.

But did you guys know that he is a super loving father too?

He is so sweet, in fact, that he held a special concert just for his two kids, and no one else.

Even his kids can't see him in concert.
The Straits Times reported that the special concert came about when his two children - Hathaway, 4, and Romeo, 2 - recently attended his Shanghai concert.

However, the little ones failed to spot their dad in the crowd of backup dancers, fancy lighting and elaborate stage props. 

The confused kids reportedly turned to their mother, actress-model Hannah Quinlivan, and asked where their dad was.

Just the three of us.
Being the ever-loving father, the 40-year-old pop superstar decided to hold a concert just for his kids - complete with elaborate costume changes, energetic dancers and dramatic stage lighting - in an empty arena.

Chou posted a photo of the special treat on his Instagram page with the caption: “Thank you to all of the crew and performers from my new tour who took the afternoon to execute a dedicated show for just Hathaway and Romeo! Please keep up the great work! And let’s keep this concert tour rocking! “.

Can we all just give Jay Chou the 'dad of the year' award already?

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