Coldplay Releases New Album Track List - In The Classified Section Of Local Newspapers!

Genius marketing?

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Coldplay Releases New Album Track List - In The Classified Section Of Local Newspapers!
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Print media is not dead!

Coldplay is arguably one of the most successful rock bands this generation, with millions of fans worldwide.

So, it's no surprise that their fans are eagerly waiting for the band to release their brand new album titled 'Everyday Life', scheduled for a release in November.

You gotta wait another month for the release.
To drum up the hype for the release, the band has decided to release the tracklist for the new album, you know, to give their fans a little teaser.

However, the shocking thing about that is not why they decide to do so, but it's how.

In a pretty clever move, we have to say, the marketing team has decided to release the tracklist by buying an ad in the classified section of several local newspapers:

Clever advertising?
So far, eagle-eyed Malaysians have spotted the ad in the print version of The Star, theSun and Sin Chew Daily.

Interestingly, the band's marketing team has employed the same genius ploy around the world, with classified ads featuring the tracklist appearing in newspapers in the United Kingdom and France, MTV reported.

It's all around the world!
According to The Daily Post UK, the first ever classified ad appeared in the North Wales Daily Post newspaper earlier this week.

The band's guitarist, Jonny Buckland, explained the unusual choice to publish their tracklist in the classified section in a Tweet:
Well then, we guess the advertisement works, because we're writing about it.

In the meantime, flip through our local newspapers and see if you could spot the ad, guys.

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