Marvel Introduces A Keris-Wielding Malaysian Superhero In New Mobile Game

Find out more about Sun Bird.

  • Saturday, 9 November 2019
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Marvel Introduces A Keris-Wielding Malaysian Superhero In New Mobile Game

Just last week, Netmobile announced at the Thailand Game Show that four new Southeast Asian characters, including a Malaysian superhero, will be introduced in their mobile game 'MARVEL Future Fight'.

There wasn't much more to the announcement besides the superhero team being called 'Warriors of the Sky', the names of the characters and a brief description. 

We, of course, got the most excited about Sun Bird - the keris-wielding Malaysian superhero from the 1600s. 

We'll talk about him and the rest of the team in a bit. But first, let's talk a little about the senior producer of the game, Danny Koo. 

Malaysian origins

Not being a gamer, when we first got the invite to meet the makers of the game, we were only mildly interested but a little digging told us that the producer is actually a Malaysian! 

A Malaysian in the gaming industry and he's working with Marvel? Of course we were marveled! 

The man behind the character.
Unfortunately, Koo didn't want to share much about himself and preferred talking about his work, but we did find out that he spent the whole of his childhood and teenage years in Malaysia and he still has family here. 

He worked in the gaming industry for a long time, working his way from the bottom up and is considered a veteran. 

Koo joined Marvel at a time when the company was looking to work with studios in Asia and both parties found that they were a good fit.

"Also, I love Marvel. I grew up reading marvel comics," he said. 

Like any Malaysian, Koo also loves food (including Malaysian food, of course) which incidentally was one of the inspirations for the 'Warriors of the Sky' team. 

You can give up your Malaysian card if you don't like food
"It so happened that I like the food from Malaysian, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan and they also aligned when you place it on a map - east west... ," he said. 

Koo added that became the inspiration behind the characters. 

"All these cool places, cool food, local mythologies. So, we started exploring and after, we worked on the concept for several months," he said.

Superheroes of the Asian kind

Koo told us that each of the four superheroes complement each other when it comes to their powers.

Sun Bird (Malaysia) soars into battle as guardian of the south, providing healing support to the team.

According to Koo, Sun Bird was a pirate from the 1600s.

His weapon of choice? His two flaming keris, and using them, he can 'stab' people back to life! 

Interestingly, he himself was brought back to life by the keris, and he has made it his mission in his new life to support the world however possible.

As the name suggests, Shadow Shell (Taiwan) is more of a strategist in the North.

She comes from a tech family, and as such has super modernised weapons that she uses to attack enemies from far. She is also immune to poison. 

War Tiger (Thailand) is all about brute force, so he is huge and strong. He cuts through enemies with the mystical Tiger Fang. 

Blue Dragon (Vietnam) is the guardian of the East. Her super cool power is turning anything she touches into 'draconic' weapon. She leads the team with her protective spirit and wisdom through battles. 

The new Avengers?

The coolest part of 'Warriors of the Sky' is that they can come together and form a powerful entity of spiritual and cosmic energy called Sky Kirin. Sort of like 'Power Rangers', only not robotic. 

Legend has it that over a million years ago, dragons almost took over the world after defeating the humans in a War of Dragons. 

Lucky for humans, a celestial being came to the rescue and created Sky Kirin, which helped humans to defeat the dragons. 

Once the war was over, the being was divided into four to walk among the people in the four corners of the world, only coming together when Earth is threatened. 

Many hands goes into creating a new character that fits into the Marvel universe. 

According to Koo, a creative team worked on the backstory for the characters which not only appeals to the locals but also globally. 

"We work alongside the creative arm to come up with new original stories and also back story. Especially the back story... it tells the story the Marvel way, present it the Marvel way," he said. 

We've only managed to catch the posters and trailer of the new characters, but man, do they look impressive. 

It even made a non-gamer like this writer want to download the game!

You can download 'Marvel Future Fight' from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and start familiarising yourself with the game. 

Don't worry, there are 200 characters to play with, and the 'Warriors of the Sky' will be joining the team sooner than you think. 

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