Malaysians Share: Their Creepiest Supernatural Encounters

We got a chill down our spines just reading them

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Malaysians Share: Their Creepiest Supernatural Encounters

For some weird reason, human beings are as fascinated about the supernatural beings as we are afraid of them. 

We just love watching scary movies and listening to others sharing their experiences, despite wishing fervently that we won't be the next to feel or see the supernatural beings. 

We decided to feed this perverse feeling most Malaysians seem to have and asked some people to share their stories. Enjoy! 

Note: All names has been changed for privacy.

#1 Hidden From Sight

During the holiday season, Kay* and her three friends planned a beach getaway. They ended up booking their vacation at a hotel in Port Dickson for three days and two nights.

After a late check-in, the group decided to go out for dinner even though it was already 11pm. The first to leave the room, Kay and one of her friends waited for the rest at the elevator. As they were walking towards the elevator, Kay sensed something amiss.

Both of them could not find any elevator despite walking back and forth from their room many times. After much frustration, they tried looking for the emergency staircase. But lo and behold, both elevators and emergency staircase had mysteriously disappeared. To make things worse, the other two friends who were supposed to meet them also got lost and couldn’t find a way out!

Never ending search for the exit
They tried locating each other and after about a dozen calls and messages, Kay and her buddy were finally reunited with the others. Although they managed to find each other, they were still ‘trapped’ on that floor. It seemed illogical that all the exits had magically vanished because they knew the floor had other occupants when they checked-in.

After what seemed like an eternity, the group decided to head back to their room. They thought this whole traumatising episode was over, but it wasn't. This time, they couldn’t find their room! 

Whatever was messing with them decided to ‘hide’ their room as well. The excruciating search went on until the crack of dawn. Eventually, the call for prayer or as the Malays call it, azan subuh, was heard and they finally found their room and the elevators.

We would have checked out too
The gang immediately packed their bags, and checked out. It was not until they had left the building that Kay discovered something that’ll probably haunt her for the rest of her life. Remember her other two friends that reunited with her earlier on? They weren’t them.

It turned out that the other two friends had actually found Kay and her friend much later than they thought. So, who were the two friends that initially reunited with Kay? We’ll leave that to your imagination.

#2 A faceless guest in the elevator

Mun works at a well-known local bank and tells us about her colleague's experience during a midnight shift.

He entered the elevator to take a smoke downstairs around 3am, and there was a woman in yellow attire already inside it, her head lowered down. He ignored her, thinking that she was also a part of the midnight shift.

But it was weird because normally, those who worked the midnight shift would stick together on the second floor. This 'woman' had pressed the fifth floor instead. 

This one got face, but the actual one didn't
He wanted to ask her about it, but then noticed that she had no reflection. When he reached his floor, he quickly got out and when he looked behind, she was gone. A few of my colleagues have actually seen this woman before; she would sometimes come with a small boy." 

She also adds that her company specifically allocated the first floor for the ghosts—meaning that no one works there—so that they won't disturb other employees. 

#3 Will You Come Play With Me?

Family vacations are something everyone looks forward to. For Muhammad*, his family trip to Hotel Sri Malaysia, Lawas, ended up being an unforgettable one. But for all the wrong reasons.

“I was really exhausted and looked forward to having a good night’s sleep. Suddenly, I could feel an abnormal cold air sweeping into the room. The room was chilly but I could feel sweat trickling down my neck. I tried burying myself under the pillows and blanket to force myself to sleep, but it just wasn’t working. My heartbeat was racing, I knew ‘something’ else was in that room too.”

“I could feel like the bed sheets were being pulled, as if someone was playing around. Although I was creeped out, I got really annoyed because I was tired, so I braved myself to look at what was bothering me.

Hey! Wanna play?
"As I looked up, I saw something unexplainable sitting on top of the cupboard, staring down at me. I instantly regretted it. I immediately pulled the blanket over me and started reciting some holy verses. Since I was really worn out, I eventually dozed off. I still remember what it looks like until today.”

#4 'Tap, tap, tap'

"I was at a religious retreat. We stayed at some 2- or 3-star hotel in Sepang – so, you can imagine how dingy it was. One night, a few of us gathered at a friend’s room, after the day’s activities were over. As people typically do at camps, we started telling ghost stories. I’ve never believed in ghosts prior to this incident, so I was laughing at how ridiculous the stories were.

At around 2am, we decided to head back to our own rooms. Inside the lift, I felt as if there was someone behind me, and my plastic bag rustled (I was carrying a plastic bag with snacks inside). Being someone who didn’t believe in the supernatural, I just thought it was the wind, or something that was surely explainable. However, when I came out of the lift, I still felt as if there was someone behind me. I was brave enough to turn around and check if there actually was someone – there was no one.

Um... Anybody there?
So, I proceeded into my room, changed and washed up. When I got into bed, I suddenly felt really cold so I covered my blanket all the way to the top, over my head. I had just closed my eyes – not even asleep yet – when I felt something tapping on my head. It was like my blanket was pressing down on my face. Obviously, I freaked out! But then, it stopped. Before I could feel relieved, I started to sense something walking around my room. I was too afraid to remove my blanket and check, but I just knew there was something roaming around my room. Then the tapping started again.

I thought to myself, ‘this is it la’, and prayed like never before. This time, when the tapping stopped, I quickly reached my hand out to the side table and grabbed my phone. I called my friend who was in another room. At the first ring of the bell, I removed the blanket from over my head, and I rushed to the door. My friends came to see what happened, and when I told them, I found out I wasn’t the only one – there were others, part of the retreat group, who had also felt weird the moment they entered the hotel."

#5 War Head

"When I was around seven years old, we moved into a new housing unit by a cross-junction, right beside a jungle. Since it was a new place, there were a lot of rumours of it being a bad spot of feng shui, due to the fact that the jungle was used as a hideout back in World War II. My grandparents were saying how there were a lot of killings in that area, but I was young back then, so I didn’t exactly know. Added to that, being in front of a T-junction meant bad feng shui.

So, one night, while I was about to sleep (I slept on a mattress in my parents room), I rolled over to the other side and froze: there was a floating head by the door. It was as if that ‘thing’ knew I was looking, it turned and looked at me and started coming closer. I couldn’t find my voice to scream, so I pulled my blanket over my head. And started praying whatever little prayer I could manage.

"Because I was just a kid, nobody believed me. Until one day, a Chinese feng shui priest came over, and knew what I had seen. He told us it was most likely something from the war, as it was decapitated. And that’s how they realized it wasn’t just something I made up."

Want more scary stuff? 

If you love horror stories, you might want to catch 'Pusaka', now showing in cinemas. 

From what we hear, the filmakers have taken the concept of 'Pusaka' i.e the kind of inheritance everyone wants and 'saka' - the kind of thing nobody in their right minds want passed down to them - and come up with a movie that'll scare even the bravest person. 

Directed by Razaisyam Rashid, 'Pusaka' tells the story of one Inspector Nuar Ishak, who finds the bodies of a pair of twins named Balqis and Qistina in an abandoned house.

What was supposed to be a normal murder case turned extremely creepy when spooky things start happening to Inspector Nuar.

As he gets deeper into his investigation, he encounters many weird and supernatural incidences, and he must keep his sanity if he wants to get out of the investigation alive.

The film stars Syafiq Kyle, Mimi Lana, Faizal Hussein, Fauziah Ahmad Said, Hafidz Roshdi, Sweet Qismina, Drama Muhammad, Aloy Paradox and Yuna Rahim.

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