“There Are People Dying Of Hunger” – Netizens Angry At Kardashians For Having Food Fight

That’s just a big waste.

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“There Are People Dying Of Hunger” – Netizens Angry At Kardashians For Having Food Fight

Food fight for TV entertainment? *Facepalm*

Not everyone is blessed to have food on their table or have meals three times a day, so wasting food is always a big no-no, especially to the underprivileged.

But for one famous family, their act of wasting food had netizens lashing out on their Instagram accounts.

Recently, Khloe Kardashian uploaded a short video, which is a promo for their show, ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’.

The clip, which has over 5.3 million views to date, showed several family members engaging in a food fight while Khloe gave some background commentary whether she should participate.

Most fans who commented on the Instagram post shared the same sentiments – they felt sorry for whoever had to clean it up afterwards and it was an utter waste of food.

“Meanwhile, other people have nothing to eat. Good for you, Kardashians,” @yael_bc commented.
Instagram user @hylamodanese added in “The poor staff who had to clean this up after loool 😢”.

“People are starving and you guys are playing with food 😞” commented @brasilliandoll.

Another user, @lady_225_ angrily commented: “I am disgusted and Disturbed at this there are millions of people were starving in this world and I am not saying that they do their donations but why would you even put this on camera when you know that this is completely wrong!”

Oh, the irony of this line.
Such a shame to see bowls and plates of food flying around for the sake of “good TV”.

They’re definitely setting the wrong example for their followers but do you think they’ve learned their lesson following the backlash?

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