'Frozen 2' Movie Tickets In South Korea Are So Extra, You Wouldn’t Throw Them Away

So pretty.

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'Frozen 2' Movie Tickets In South Korea Are So Extra, You Wouldn’t Throw Them Away

Sorry, we won't let this go.

We are pretty sure by now, many of you must have watched 'Frozen 2', but how many of you actually kept the movie stub as a memorabilia?

If you didn't, don't worry; we won't blame you.

After all, it’s just a piece of paper with some printed words.

However, a South Korean cinema has decided to go the extra mile when it comes to their movie tickets.

Not letting it go

So pretty, right?
In a couple of photos posted on social media last week, the tickets are made out of reflective materia - decorated with frosted sides, nonethless - to play with the whole 'Frozen 2’ theme.

On the front, you'll get pictures of your favourite 'Frozen' character (we suspect the Olaf one will be extremely popular) and at the back, you'll get the names of the director and the cast, as well as the show details written all over it.

Museum-level, for sure.
Apparently, the pretty movie tickets are the brainchild of popular South Korean cinema chain Megabox, and the 'Frozen 2' stubs are apparently part of a special promo:
Who cares about these fancy tickets, you ask?

Well, plenty of people, as those who are lucky enough to get their hands on the 'Frozen 2' tickets are reportedly re-selling it on eBay for up to US$119 (RM497).

We suggest not letting your kids see the tickets, if not, bye-bye wallet.

Not their first rodeo

This isn't the first time that Megabox has gone super extra with their movie tickets, though.

According to Twitter user @IamWhoIamYou, Megabox has developed quite a reputation for printing out limited edition movie stubs:

Definitely a keeper.
This one is pretty too.
But our favourite one has got to be the 'Joker' movie stub, which requires the cinema attendant to tear away the Arthur Fleck part of the ticket for you to gain entry into the cinema:

We absolutely loved these tickets, because we, too, are extra like that.

TGV or GSC, when are you going to introduce pretty movie tickets like the ones above?

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