'Star Wars' Fans Are Already Queuing Up Outside Of Cinema - One Week Before Film's Release!

Doing it for the Force.

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'Star Wars' Fans Are Already Queuing Up Outside Of Cinema - One Week Before Film's Release!

Starts here, the line.

We know people would do the extreme for something they are really passionate about.

For example, queuing up overnight for a pair of shoes, or standing in line for hours just to catch a glimpse of their favourite movie stars.

Those are borderline crazy, but it's still fine.

So, what about queuing up one week in advance to catch a movie?

The Force is definitely strong

Have fun queuing up, guys!
News agency AFP reported that ardent 'Star Wars' fans have already started queuing up in front of a Hollywood theatre to catch the upcoming 'Star Wars' movie 'The Rise Of Skywalker'.

In case you're wondering, 'The Rise Of Skywalker' opens on 20 December - which means that the fans are queuing up one week before its release.

According to the news agency, around 20 'Star Wars' fans have been spotted lining up outside Hollywood’s Chinese Theatre with sleeping bags and a portable movie projector in hopes to become the first few to catch the highly-anticipated blockbuster.

The organisers told AFP that they expect the crowd to swell up to 150 in the coming days, with fans flying in from as far as Japan and the UK, to catch the movie at the iconic venue where the original 'Star Wars' movie premiered in 1977.

Long wait, it will be.
So, what do they do with their free time?

Well, apparently, the group would play board games and build LEGO sets, as well as catch up on the latest episodes of 'The Mandalorian' and rewatch the old 'Star Wars' movies.

It does sound fun - except that we don't like long queues.

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