'Power Rangers' Is Getting Another Reboot, And It's Reportedly Going To Be Set In The 90s

Fun times.

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'Power Rangers' Is Getting Another Reboot, And It's Reportedly Going To Be Set In The 90s

Welcome back, Rangers.

'Power Rangers' is no stranger to 90s kids, as it is one of those classic TV series that have stood the test of time.

So, when the new 'Power Rangers' movie was released in 2017, fans were excited...until it bombed in the box office, grossing only USD142mil (RM587mil) worldwide.

Because of the lukewarm response to the film, movie studio Lionsgate has decided to scrap a sequel.

But don't worry guys; our favourite Rangers are resting just for a little bit, because it's Morphin' time once again!

New studio, new movie

Entertainment site The Hollywood Reporter reported that another movie studio, Paramount Pictures, is set to reboot the popular franchise again.

According to the report, the studio is in “early negotiations” with filmmaker Jonathan Entwistle to bring a new 'Power Rangers' movie to the big screen.

Entwistle is famous for his work on Netflix's 'The End Of The F***ing World'.

And this time around, the movie will reportedly be less "young adult" and more "1990s sitcom", just like the TV series.

THR also reported that the current pitch involves a "time travel element" ala 'Back To The Future' that brings the Power Rangers back to the 1990s, and "they have to find a way to get back to their present.”

Umm, okay.

Please bring back the OG squad.
There's no news yet on whether the cast of the 2017 film will be back to reprise their roles (or if it will feature any of the OG cast members), or when we can expect to see the Power Rangers on screen again.

But we just have one request: please redesign the Megazord.

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