Eagle-Eyed Fans Spot 'No Durian' Sign In US Sci-Fi Series 'The Expanse'


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Eagle-Eyed Fans Spot 'No Durian' Sign In US Sci-Fi Series 'The Expanse'
Screenshot/Reddit & Amazon Prime

Even out of space, the durian is feared.

There's no denying it: the durian is a pretty formidable fruit.

We Malaysians love it, but to those living outside Southeast Asia, the durian, for them, is a fruit from hell.

That's probably the reason why the thorny fruit has been banned from hotels, airplanes and even offices.

In fact, the latest place to ban the durian is on Mars.

Not a fan of durian?

OK, we're exaggerating a little bit, but it could be true some day.

An eagle-eyed fan of a new sci-fi series called 'The Expanse' spotted a 'No Durian' sign in one of the scenes in the series.

The fan, u/davidbydesign, posted a photo of the sign on popular forum Reddit:

They can't stand durian in Mars.
Apparently, the sign was spotted in a scene around the 18-minute mark of the first episode.

One of the characters in the series, a member of the Martian Marine Corps named Bobbie Draper is travelling on a futuristic train on planet Mars when the little Easter Egg made an appearance. 

Interestingly, another Redditor by the name of u/vanguy79 also spotted the familiar sign in a different scene:

Quite popular ah, this durian?
So, is that really a 'No Durian' sign we're seeing in the TV series?

According to the producer of 'The Expanse', Breck Eisner, it's a firm yes. He confirmed the speculation via a tweet:
So does that mean that the smell of our durian is...out of this world? *Badam tss*

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