4 Very Good Reasons Why You Need To Watch 'Ip Man 4: The Finale'

It is, after all, the finale.

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4 Very Good Reasons Why You Need To Watch 'Ip Man 4: The Finale'
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Four sure must watch.

There are not many movie franchises out there that could release three or four movies and still maintain the same quality throughout.

One exception to that is none other than 'Ip Man'.

Starring Donnie Yen as the titular character, the 'Ip Man' movie franchise has captivated audiences worldwide since the first movie was released in 2008.

This year, another 'Ip Man' movie will hit the cinemas: 'Ip Man 4: The Finale'

In this movie, Ip Man arrives in San Francisco, United States where his student, Bruce Lee, has upset the local martial arts community by opening a Wing Chun school.

However, while he was trying to diffuse the situation, he gets involved in an even bigger trouble, and it is now up to Ip Man to step up and defend the dignity of his fellow Chinesemen in the United States.

If you've been following Ip Man's journey from the first movie, then it's a no-brainer that you should catch the movie, because, hello, the best kung fu movie franchise of the decade? 

But if you're still on the fence (what's wrong with you?), here are four reasons why you should drop everything and book your 'Ip Man 4: The Finale' tickets now:

#1 This is the last 'Ip Man' movie ever

That's really it, guys! There will no longer be anymore 'Ip Man' movies after this. In September, Donnie confirmed that the upcoming kung fu flick will be the last 'Ip Man' movie in the franchise. He even reiterated the news via a post on his social media accounts:

Donnie told Rojak Daily in an interview last week (keep an eye out for the video) that after 11 years, he felt that it's time to end the movie franchise. So, if you've seen the first three 'Ip Man' movies, you know you shouldn't miss the fourth one.

Speaking of the last 'Ip Man' movie...

#2 It will also be Donnie Yen's last kung fu movie

Once he's done with 'Ip Man 4: The Finale', the 56-year-old will be hanging up his kung fu uniform for good.

The South China Morning Post reported that 'Ip Man 4: The Finale' will be Donnie's last kung fu role because he wants to "keep moving forward".

“This is the meaning of life, so I am very grateful Ip Man 4: The Finale is my final kung fu movie. I hope it can be written on a valuable page in Chinese film history, and I will continue my journey as an actor,” he was quoted as saying.

No more kung fu costumes for Donnie.
However, he told fans during a press conference held in Malaysia last week that although he will be retiring from kung fu movies, he will still be appearing in action films.

"'Ip Man 4: The Finale' is my last kung fu film. But don’t misunderstand. This doesn’t mean I’ll stop acting in action films.”

“Kung fu films are action films. But action films are not kung fu films. That’s a fact,” he was quoted by The New Straits Times as saying.

#3 Bigger, faster, more entertaining fight scenes

The fight scenes will get you on the edge of your seat.
What's an 'Ip Man' movie without its fight scenes, right? If you're thoroughly entertained by the fight scenes in the first three movies, you're in for a treat when you watch 'Ip Man 4: The Finale'.

The action scenes in the movie is choreographed by Yuen Woo-ping, arguably one of the most successful and influential figures in the world of Hong Kong action cinema. Under the tutelage of Yuen, we get to see a whole range of fight scenes involving wide variety of martial arts in the movie, namely wing chun, tai chi, karate, and kickboxing.

In fact, even Donnie himself was impressed by Yuen's action choreography, telling Taiwan News: “Master Yuen always comes up with great new action scenes".

#4 An all-star martial artists line-up

Get ready for the fight of the century.
Sure, 'Ip Man 3' had Mike Tyson, but the line-up in this movie isn't too shabby either.

Facing off against Donnie in 'Ip Man 4: The Finale' is renowned English martial artist Scott Adkins, who plays the big bad - a military commander named Barton Geddes - in the movie. Chinese wushu martial artist Wu Yue also stars in the movie as Wan Zong Hua, the chairman of the Chinese Benevolent Association.

Bruce Lee is returning!
'Ip Man 4: The Finale' will also see the return of Danny Chan as Bruce Lee. If you're fan of Danny's potrayal of the legendary martial artist, you'll be glad to know that he'll be getting a little bit more screen time (and more fight scenes) this time around.

'Ip Man 4: The Finale' is set to open in Malaysian cinemas on 20 December 2019.

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