[VIDEO] Penn Badgley Speaks Malay For Netflix's ‘You’ Promo; M’sians Impressed

He sounds so natural!

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[VIDEO] Penn Badgley Speaks Malay For Netflix's ‘You’ Promo; M’sians Impressed

Joe Goldberg is back, and he's stalking his next prey.

Netflix fans, if there’s one show you’re planning to binge-watch over the holidays, it has to be ‘You’.

The romantic-psycho thriller series revolving around bookstore owner/professional stalker Joe Goldberg, played by ‘Gossip Girl’ star Penn Badgley, was a huge success, thanks to Badgely's creepy stalker persona and gripping storyline.

The second season of ‘You’ is set to premiere on 26 December where Joe moves to Los Angeles and stars over with a new identity – Will.

A little local flavour

And to promote the next season of ‘You’, Penn Badgley and his co-stars recorded a video about living safely in Malaysia, both online and offline.

What grabbed everyone’s attention wasn’t so much about the message, but Badgley impressively speaking a few Malay words in the clip.

“Make friends with your kepoh neighbours and or pak guards so they can report any suspicious activity back to you,” Badgley said.

The clip was shared on Netflix Malaysia’s social media accounts and has attracted over 125,000 views to date.

Fans immediately responded to the 33-year-old actor’s use of Malay words.
Some praised him for sounding so natural, while others were in disbelief that he even said the words kepoh and pak guards instead of the millions of BM words he could possibly choose from.

Well, we’re only a few days away until the premiere of ‘You’ season two, so get ready guys!

And psst, don’t forget to install curtains in your house, you’ll never know if Joe is lurking nearby.

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