Chrissy Teigen To Produce A Documentary About French Fries

Sounds yummy!

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Chrissy Teigen To Produce A Documentary About French Fries

Fries, anyone?

Everywhere you look, there are plenty of interesting documentaries worth watching.

Being true blue Malaysians, the only documentaries we absolutely care about are those about food.

And now, we can't wait for American television personality Chrissy Teigen's upcoming mouthwatering project.

Love for fries

For the love of fries.
Teigen, who is also a cook book writer, is set to produce a documentary about french fries.

According to a report by AFP-Relaxnews, Teigen revealed that the documentary titled 'Fries! The Movie' will be produced via her Suit & Thai Productions company.

It's a no brainer for guessing what the documentary is about: the world of french fries.

She will reportedbly be get a helping hand from chef Eric Ripert, podcast presenter and author Malcolm Gladwell, and the founder and president of the Museum of Food and Drink, Dave Arnold.

“I always knew my love of fries and years of experience in the field were meant to serve a higher purpose. Thrilled to work alongside this incredible team and share our findings,” Teigen told the news agency.

Despite her announcement on the documentary, no release date was mentioned.

So, we guess we would have to tie our tummy and wait for it to be released.

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