You Won't Believe What Kim K And Kanye Gave Daughter North For Christmas


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You Won't Believe What Kim K And Kanye Gave Daughter North For Christmas
Instagram/Kim Kardashian West & E! News

We want that present too.

What present did you receive for Chistmas?

Whatever it was, we are pretty sure it was not as extravagant as what Kim Kardashian’s daughter, North, received for Christmas this year.

A piece from the King of Pop

One of those children got really lucky.
Entertainment website People reported that for Christmas, Kardashian and her husband, rapper Kanye West, bought their six-year-old daughter the velvet jacket that Michael Jackson had worn while he was out with Elizabeth Taylor.

And no, this is not a replicate piece. This is the exact jacket that Jackson had worn.

The perks of having rich and famous parents, amirite?

Kim and Kanye gave North a jacket worn and once owned by Michael Jackson for Christmas!

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Kardashian shared on her Instagram that they had won the jacket in an auction and that “North is a really big Michael Jackson fan.”

“We knew she would love this. She’s so grateful and excited,” she said.

And in a move that would probably anger fans of the late King of Pop, Kim K said that they had the jacket altered so that North can wear it!

Yep, that's the same jacket.
According to the report, the jacket, which went up for sale at Julien's Icons and Idols: Rock 'N' Roll auction in October, was sold to Kardashian and West for USD65,625 (RM271,392).

The Uniqlo hoodie we received from our Secret Santa in the office doesn't sound very exciting after this.

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