PewDiePie Thinks Fans In Malaysia, Singapore Are 'Hectic' And 'Scream-ish'

Guess he's not a fan of his fans.

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PewDiePie Thinks Fans In Malaysia, Singapore Are 'Hectic' And 'Scream-ish'

Not a fan of Malaysian/Singaporean fans.

We know how it's like to bump into your favourite celebrity in public.

Depending on how much you love them, you'll probably go a bit crazy; screaming their names, pestering them for autographs or photos, secretly taking photos of them paparazzi-style, etc.

One celeb who's not a fan of that is popular YouTuber Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, more popularly known as PewDiePie. 

'Extremely cringey'

According to a report by Malay Mail, PewDiePie - who's the most subscribed creator on YouTube with over 100 million subscribers on his channel, took to his channel to answer fans’ questions.

In the video, Kjellberg described fans in Malaysia and Singapore as “hectic” and “scream-ish” when they see him in public.

If you recall, he was in Malaysia for a very short holiday back in 2016.

He was in Malaysia a couple of years ago.
He made the comment when a fan asked him about fans who try to secretly photograph him when he is out in public.

He said the whole “stealth photo move” is rude and annoying, and comes across as “extremely cringey”.

“I hate the fact that people look at me like I'm some sort of attraction. I'm a person like everyone else and I want to be treated like a person.

“I don't think that is too much to ask,” he said in the 21-minute video.

He made the comment in the 13:00 mark, in case you guys want to hear it for yourself:

He also revealed that there is a difference in how his fans from different countries react when they see him out in public.

“Like if you go to countries like Malaysia and Singapore, people are very hectic and scream-ish and crazy and they lose their minds when they see you.

“They do all this crazy stuff.”

Kjellberg, however, also said that he loves meeting his fans but wanted to be treated normally.

Be a little less enthusiastic if you happen to bump into PewDiePie on the streets next time, 'kay?

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