Thai Café Shuts Down After Owner Tries To Sell Toilet Seat Used By BLACKPINK's Lisa

So gross.

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Thai Café Shuts Down After Owner Tries To Sell Toilet Seat Used By BLACKPINK's Lisa
Instagram/lalalalisa_m & The New Straits Times

Greed is not a good thing.

We've seen people selling items personally autographed by their favourite celebrities.

While some made a windfall selling these items, some don't.

But for one Thai man, trying to sell items used by a celebrity cost him everything.

Even the toilet seat

Recently, a Thai cafe owner tried to get rich by selling items reportedly used by BLACKPINK member Lisa.

According to a report by Malay Mail, the Thailand-born artist did a photoshoot at the MQQN Café in Bangkok, and shared the pictures with her 28.1 million followers on Instagram.

Lisa brought fame to this little Bangkok cafe.
Surprised by the sudden fame his café got after the shoutout, its owner, Masse Jacop, turned into that money-eyes emoji.

He reportedly began auctioning off several items that Lisa used during the photoshoot, including a sofa and a set of cutleries, on his Facebook page.

Not just that, he even auctioned off a toilet seat!

According to Masse, some of the items managed to fetch bids of up to 100,000 baht (RM12,300), and he even entertained an obscene request by one Facebook user who asked if he could pay to sniff the sofa Lisa had sat on, to which he replied: “It’ll be 1,000 baht (RM136), but 100 baht for friends.” 

Major online backlash

Obviously, Jacop's greed and lewd comments did not go down well with fans of BLACKPINK (or better known as Blinks) at all.

They heavily criticised Jacop’s cheap way of trying to get rich, and even accused him of sexually harassing Lisa:
  Lisa, whose real name is Lalisa Manoban, is one of the most followed K-pop idols on Instagram, and the show of support and backlash from BLINKS eventually prompted Jacop to shut down the café indefinitely.
Well, it's safe to say that he clearly picked a fight with the wrong person.

Maybe this will teach him to be not so greedy in the future.

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