LITE Introduces New Breakfast Show With Bel and JD

Lot's of new segments to look forward to as well

  • Monday, 20 January 2020
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LITE Introduces New Breakfast Show With Bel and JD

If you tuned in to LITE this morning (20 Jan), you may have noticed that The LITE Breakfast show has new personalities, Bel (Belinda Chee) and JD (Jason Desmond). 

The duo will be with listeners Monday to Friday, 6am to 10am, and are expected to bring freshness to the programme. 

Look forward to new segments such as 'Eye on the Ball' on Monday and Friday, where JD will be reviewing the biggest football games that happened over the weekend and update on upcoming games, #NeverTooOld on Tuesdays where Bel will discuss stories from around the world of 'older' people learning new skills.

'Grawing Pains' are for parents who need a little help with the challenges of raising children of different ages, 'Mind Your English', a segment to teach Malaysians better usage of the language, 'Stargazing' where you can learn all about the celebrities from the good ol' days and what they're doing now. 

Fans of the programme don't have to worry about too many changes, as some of your favourite segments will still be availabe, including Breakfast Champion where listeners can participate in a trivia to win cash prizes. 

'The Right Perspective', 'Mind Matters', Healthwise' and 'Front Page' segments will also still run as usual. 

Bel and JD hope to bring some changes to the breakfast show, and make it younger, edgier and more fun while still being true to LITE's tagline - Real Lives, Real People, Real Conversations. 

Bel shared that some of the segments were inspired by her own experiences.

"I'm in my late 30s and I just picked up guitar. My parents sent me for piano lessons when I was younger but I hated it so I didn't go beyond Grade 2. 

"Initially, I sent my 7-year-old daughter to learn ukulele and she inspired me. I posted my first practice session on Instagram with the #NeverTooOldToLearn and that seemed to inspire a lot of people," she said, sharing how the idea for the #NeverTooOld segment came about.

JD said his love for football, especially Manchester United, inspired the 'Eye on the Ball' segment, while his passion for languages contributed to the 'Mind Your English'  section. 

"I love languages... I learn all kind of languages, so we're going to do something like 'Mind Your Language', if you remember the show, where people can learn the correct pronounsation of words, the correct usage of common words and phrases.

"Help people speak and understand English a little better," he said, clarifying that he doesn't usually go around correcting people's language but it's definitely something he's passionate about. 

This will be Bel's first time working for a radio station full-time, although she has experience working as a part-time radio announcer, TV host, voice over artist and more. 

JD holds a Bachelors in Engineering and was a lecturer briefly, before entering the media industry where he's been on radio and TV for over a decade now. 

Tune in to LITE on your radios, or just download the Syok app to listen to the all new LITE Breakfast with Bel and JD. 

You can also follow LITE on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

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