Which Guy From 'The Ghost Bride' Would You Bring Home This Chinese New Year?

You can only pick one ya!

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Which Guy From 'The Ghost Bride' Would You Bring Home This Chinese New Year?

I pick you

"Ah Girlllll, no one special this year ah?" 

"No boyfriend meh you?"

Enduring kaypochee aunty/uncle questions and practising secret eye-rolls are probably what we single girls will be doing this Chinese New Year.

To help while away the time, check out these profiles and pick your perfect guy from 'The Ghost Bride' to be your pretend boyfriend this CNY.

#pickTianBai - The Childhood Sweetheart Turned Disney Prince

Classy and charmingIf you're into the classy type, Dr Lim Tian Bai is sure to be a great candidate. Cool, charming, and oh-so-handsome, this hunk will definitely sweep you off your feet. It also helps that he's a doctor! All the aunties will be soooo proud of you!

#pickErLang - The Quirky Comedian

Funny and sensitiveFunny on the outside and mushy on the inside. Juuuuuuust how we like it. Er Lang has skills honed from 500 years of existence to keep you entertained and treat you like a lady. This heavenly guard will not only bring blessings to the family but his supernatural powers could come in handy when dealing with annoying relatives. ;)

#pickTianChing - The Endearing Bad Boy 

Daring and differentPerfection is totally over-rated. Tian Ching may be a bad boy but you know he would do anything it takes to make you happy. Can't deal with the family drama? Tian Ching will handle it (we can't vouch for how it's handled and where they could end up though!). Brooding, roguish, and surprisingly affectionate, Tian Ching would be more than happy to be your boo. 

Made your pick yet? If you still need some convincing, catch 'The Ghost Bride' on Netflix and get to know the boys a little better. 




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